Where Can English Take You? To Ambassadorship!

  As we celebrate our new English graduates, we congratulate Riley Dueck on his new role as an ambassador for Bard on the Beach. His amazing journey all started with an English assignment . . . By Heather McAlpine Recent UFV graduate and English enthusiast Riley Dueck got the thrill of a lifetime when he […]

Every Day English–Asian Heritage Month

  By Prabhjot Parmar My birth in India determined my continental affiliation—Asian. Playing Name-Place-Animal-Thing as children, my siblings and friends always vied for the alphabet “A” to quickly claim Asia as a “place” we felt that we belonged to; of course, our schooling right from grade one (possibly earlier too) situated us geographically and cartographically—in […]

Every Day English–BC Arts & Culture Week

  Late April in BC does more than simply usher in Spring. Appropriately enough, it also celebrates our province’s creativity with Arts and Culture Week. By Michelle LaFlamme I was born and raised in Coast Salish territory, and I have a love for this province. Photo Credit: Nick Kenrick.. Flickr via Compfight cc When I […]

A Bumper Crop: Celebrating Our Honours Students’ Research

  What do road signs, slaves, and magical talismans share in common? They’re all topics that English Honours students researched and wrote about this year. We can hardly recall a more eclectically excellent batch of Honours projects. Huzzah to curious minds! Photo Credit: Jorge Brazil Flickr via Compfight cc To celebrate this bountiful harvest of […]

Every Day English–World Book Day

  By Alex Wetmore April 23rd is World Book Day (or World Book and Copyright Day) as recognized by the United Nations, a date which offers an opportunity to reflect on the personal, cultural, historical, and global significance of books. To commemorate this day, and as part of our “Every Day English” series, I thought […]

Where Can English Take You? To Ancient Cities Across the World

Student guest post by Taylor Breckles Merhaba! As you might have guessed, that greeting wasn’t Polish. A surprise, I know. The reasoning behind this bold, creative choice stems from my most recent adventure outside of the classroom: my trip to Turkey. Well, my trip to Izmir to be precise. Izmir is a region of Turkey […]

Every Day English–World Poetry Day

By Andrea MacPherson I often recommend poetry collections, and often get a look of bafflement in return.  Then, a meek, “I don’t really read poetry.”  I firmly believe everyone should read poetry, regardless of whether you have any interest in actually writing poetry.  And, I equally firmly believe that people only think they don’t like […]