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Where Can English Take You? Anywhere! To Europe

  Taylor Breckles, a UFV English and history student, is studying literature and language in Poland this year. UFV English professor Michelle LaFlamme helped facilitate Breckles’s exchange with the University of Silesia, a UFV partner university in Poland. By Taylor Breckles I am now a Canadian living in Poland. What a strange sentence to type. […]

Where Can English Take You? Anywhere! To Your Creative Side

  By Karen Selesky Tired of Writing Essays for your English Classes? A creative option might be possible. It seems, sometimes, that the only way to respond to topics and assignments in your English classes is with the time-worn reality of an essay.  And I don’t want to suggest you should abandon the essay, but […]

Where Can English Take You? Anywhere! To the Lighthouse

  By Heather McAlpine   Books can change your life in ways you don’t even expect. This is the story of how a book led me to meeting the person who would become my husband – and is now a fellow English professor here at UFV, too – Alex Wetmore. Photo Credit: Destinys Agent via […]

Where Can English Take You? Anywhere!

  By Michelle Superle Photo Credit: flrent via Compfight cc We’ve all heard the question too many times—“But what will you do with an English degree?” While the obvious response is teach or write, there are actually more answers than you can count. UFV English majors are in good company with lawyers, astronauts, Olympians, actors, […]