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It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year—For Lit Lovers, That Is!

  It’s that time of the year lit lovers anticipate with wonder and joy: awards season. From naysayer to cheerleader, everybody’s got something to say about literary awards. Do they really showcase the best of the best? Are they biased and subjective? Elitist? Are they the surest route to fame and fortune? Whatever your take […]

Why Performance Studies? English 234 & 365

  by Heather Davis-Fisch We live, now more than ever, in a performing society. Performances—both live and technologically mediated—are all around us. Ask the average person how many theatre events they’ve attended lately and you will probably be met with a confused head tilt. But ask how many performances they’ve seen and chances are they’ll […]

Some of Our Favourite Things–English 401: Gender and Literature

by Miriam Nichols In Winter 2016 the English Department is offering a new course addressing two of our favourite topics: gender and literature. English 401 combines fiction, poetry, drama, visual art, and critical prose in an exploration of gender constructions. The course begins with a section on the archaic Eros with readings of Hesiod, Sappho […]

Our New Lit Lovers Have Arrived: Three English Department Babies

  Everybody’s been joking that there’s something in the water: Heather McAlpine, Ceilidh Hart, and Michelle Superle are all on maternity leave with new babies. We’re happy to announce that moms and babes are all healthy, happy, and at home catching up on their reading. Georgina May McAlpine Wetmore arrived on June 20th, 2015. Her […]