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A Poetry Month Farewell from our ESA President and Cascade Editor: “Work Suite”

  By Katie Stobbart My Poetry Month Choice: “Work Suite” by Emma Healey Photo Credit: Funky64 ( via Compfight cc   Prose poems aren’t always easy to pull off. The best ones I have read simultaneously bend and embrace both forms; they have the poem’s hyperawareness of language and devices and prose’s steadiness, its stream-like […]

Poetry Month–Not Just for Grownups: Children’s Poetry Picks

  By Michelle Superle My Poetry Month Choices: “Peach,” “My Mother Saw a Dancing Bear,” and “Under Aldergrove Lake” Even as a child, I disliked most children’s poetry. Dennis Lee’s Alligator Pie, one of the bestselling Canadian books of all time, left me cold when I received it as a gift in Kindergarten (and it […]

A Maximalist Poetry Month Pick: Four Favourites

  By Virginia Cooke My Poetry Month Choices: “The Bishop Orders his Tomb from St. Praxed’s Church,” “Of Modern Poetry,” “Gesture,” and “Postscript” This assignment is very difficult because I have so many “favourites” for so many reasons. Here are four of them. 1) “The Bishop Orders his Tomb from St. Praxed’s Church” by Robert […]

A Poetry Month Pick for Rising and Shining: “Wild Geese”

  By Margret Bollerup My Poetry Month Pick: “Wild Geese” by Mary Oliver Photo Credit: Let Ideas Compete via Compfight cc Right now (I say “right now” like this is a new find for me. It’s not. Years and years ago, someone’s psychiatrist suggested reading it, and that someone emailed it to me, and I […]

An Inescapably Captivating Poetry Month Pick: “The Darkling Thrush”

  By Heather McAlpine My Poetry Month Choice: “The Darkling Thrush” by Thomas Hardy Nineteenth-century British poetry is what I teach, so I worried a little that my choice of poem was too obvious. Believe it or not, there are actually lots of non-nineteenth-century (and non-British) poems that I love (everyone should check out Alison […]

A Swan Song Poetry Month Pick from the Writer-in-Residence: “I Shout Love”

  By Emily-Pohl-Weary My Poetry Month Choice: “I Shout Love” by Milton Acorn This is one of my favourite poems… and also the slightly weepy goodbye post from your 2015 writer-in-residence. I’m back in Ontario already, and while I will definitely miss all of you guys, it’s lovely here. The weather has FINALLY caught up […]

Graduating Student Writers on their Way Greatness

  In case you hadn’t realized it yet, UFV is home to some amazing student writers. Many of them produce insightful local commentary on a grueling weekly schedule in our student newspaper, The Cascade. Sadly though, it’s time to say goodbye to several greats. Katie Stobbart (Editor-in-Chief), Michael Scoular (News Editor), Nadine Moedt (Culture Editor), […]

Dark, Deep Poetry Month Pick: “Rehearsal”

  By Andrea MacPherson My Poetry Month Choice: “Rehearsal” by Sara Peters There’s not much better than discovering a new writer you love. I immediately fell in love when I read 1996, Sara Peters’ debut poetry collection.  Peters’ collection is about obsessions, in all their varying forms, ranging from sex, cruelty, childhood, and religion.  But […]

Short, Sweet Poetry Month Pick: “Western Wind”

  By Hilary Turner My Poetry Month Choice: “Western Wind”   One of my favourite poems is the early, anonymous four-line poem “Western Wind.” Here is a fellow who works on the land, probably herding sheep or planting crops, torn between two demands that life has placed on him.  On the one hand, he has […]