English 170: A Fresh Look at Indigenous Cultures

Join Professor Michelle LaFlamme in English 170 this Fall 2018 for this fresh look at Indigenous Cultures. Here’s what she says about the course she developed: This special topics course provides an overview of Indigenous peoples in Canada by looking at contemporary forms of expression in literature, art, film, hip-hop and comedy.  Students who are […]

First Annual Young Authors Conference Features Nicola Campbell as Keynote

The brainchild of Professor Heather McAlpine, the English department’s first annual Young Author’s Conference recently welcomed forty aspiring writers from the Chilliwack School District, who spent a day honing their skills. On April 17th, 2018, they convened at The Gathering Place on the UFV CEP campus. Working in groups, the children attended three morning workshops […]

English 105: From Fear to Triumph in 13 Weeks

Worried about succeeding in English 105? Don’t worry—you’re not alone! Find out how your fellow students conquered their fears, became better writers, and not only survived to tell the tale but also thrived while telling it. Warning: this course will change your life! Photo Credit: marcoverch Flickr via Compfight cc   At the beginning of […]

The Witness Blanket: An Opportunity to Learn Deeply

  During the Fall 2018 semester, UFV students, faculty, and staff had the privilege of experiencing a new opportunity to learn deeply–by interacting with The Witness Blanket art installation. The English department wove this opportunity into many courses and assignments. We would like to acknowledge and thank those who brought The Witness Blanket to our […]

Sailing to Byzantium–An Event to Remember

  Student guest post by English Students Association President, Chris Shunamon Chris Shunamon and Tal Wieczorek at the “Sailing to Byzantium” event. All photo credits–Chris Shunamon   On November 24th the University of the Fraser Valley’s English, Visual Arts, and Theatre Student Associations jointly hosted “Sailing to Byzantium,” a showcase for the artists of each […]

Witness Blanket: Experiencing Rhetoric and Composition in Unexpected Contexts

  By Nadeane Trowse English 374 is entitled Rhetoric and Composition.  We know these words can mean many things and also, dangerously, can mean very little, indeed can be the rhetorical kiss of death to interest or engagement. Students in the Fall semester class of 374 I had the privilege of teaching were open and […]

Rise, Eagle, Rise

A student guest post in response to Cecelia Reekie’s Leadership Lecture on October 11, 2017. This post has been adapted from an assignment in English 310. Photo Credit: Cecelia Reekie, Linkedin By Ginger Ebbett I am truly horrified by our tragic history of Aboriginal relations in Canada, and especially so now that I have witnessed […]

How to Write for a Living–Tips from the Pros

Dear aspiring writers: As promised, here are the take-home To Dos provided by the panelists who presented at our Writing for a Living event. These tips will help YOU get started earning from your writing as soon as you’re ready to take the plunge. Remember—be brave! Photo Credit: wuestenigel Flickr via Compfight cc   From […]

Where Can English Take You? To Inspiration and Mentorship!

  Our recent event, Writing for a Living, was offered by UFV’s English and Communications departments in collaboration with the Professional Writers Association of Canada Fraser Valley chapter, the English Students’ Association, The Cascade, and The Louden Singletree. Hear all about it from the event’s key organizer who was also, by a lovely coincidence, the […]

Every Day English–National Sausage Day

  With tongue firmly in cheek (which is just where it should be in this case), Professor Turner celebrates the connections between cured meats and great stories . . .   By Hilary Turner Photo Credit: Instant Vantage Flickr via Compfight cc Today as we celebrate National Salami Day we are conscious that salami, despite […]