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What’s Lit Got to Do with It? Reading as Becoming

Gavin Paul, one of our resident Shakespeare experts, has spent a lot of time pondering the mysteries of reading—why we do it, how to do it best, and the ways it helps us make sense of the world. As a lifelong lit lover, he’s had plenty of time to conclude that what he reads makes […]

What’s Lit Got to Do with It? Transformation and Rejuvenation

  Have you ever lost your zest for reading? Lucy Fraser, a UFV SWHS instructor, discovered an unexpected fix to rekindle the spark: she began facilitating a local chapter of Book Clubs for Inmates. Based on the principles of bibliotherapy, this prison book club provides books and discussion to inmates in Medium Security at the […]

What’s Lit Got to Do with It? Why We Should All Read Poetry

An Impassioned Examination and Plea by Andrea MacPherson In the last year, I’ve read twenty-one poetry collections (most recently, Like a Beggar by Ellen Bass, all the way back to 1996 by Sara Peters–read the complete list below). Likely this is more than some readers, less than others. Perhaps even twenty-one more than many people. […]

What’s Lit Got to Do with It? Inspiration and Satisfaction

  Student guest post by Alexandra Hart Photo Credit: verbeeldingskr8 via Compfight cc Have you ever received an expectant stare after saying “I’m an English Major,” followed by “what are you going to do with that?” Studying English doesn’t provide people with immediate understanding the way saying “I’m a in the business program” does. Just […]

What’s Lit Got to Do with It?

  The New Year brings resolutions for some and re-evaluation for others. The heaviest thinkers among us tend to start questioning everything. Since we’re nothing if not thinkers around here, we’ve started to ponder why we do what we do. Read, that is. Photo Credit: shamray via Compfight cc Just about everybody who engages in […]