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CreWri UFV Writer’s Block Party on November 16th

By Jessica Milliken Attention Creative Writers!  CreWri UFV and its Scholars are hosting a Writer’s Block Party for Scribes and Scribblers on Wednesday November 16th, at 6:30pm.  This is a general workshopping day. Bring in 2-3 copies of your own original work, poetry, short stories, plays, journalism, anything you’ve been working on that you would like to workshop […]

Where Can English Take You? Anywhere! To the Heart of American Politics

  By Helene Littman Sixteen years ago, I was living in Baltimore, and writing a PhD on “The American Epic Poem and Democracy.” Photo credit: Lynn Friedman Flickr via Compfight cc So of course I had to run down to Washington, DC, to watch the election results. For most of the evening, Gore was leading […]