Day 10: The Feeling of Flight

Hello audience! Wow, what a day. Whether it be literal flight, or a feeling of euphoria, everything today seemed to revolve around flight and weightlessness. Our day begins with the LIYSF Alumni specialist lectures. Today, I attended a lecture delivered by Dr Stephan Priebe, who spoke about aerodynamics, turbulent flow, and computational fluid dynamics. I … Read more

Day 9: Fusion, Excursion, Audition, Procrastination

Hello once again! Have you ever wanted environmentally friendly and self-sustaining energy so badly you were willing to superheat helium isotopes and smash them together? If no, then this post is not for you. Today we visited the Culham Centre for Fusion. After catching up on some missed sleep on the bus ride, we went … Read more

Day 8: LIYTF

Hello once again! I thought this was a science forum. Today we celebrate the existence of the London International Youth Theater Forum. Don’t get me wrong, I love theater as much as science, but today was particularly interesting. It began with our one and only Specialist Study Day. We all split into groups where we … Read more

Day 7: Science and Magic and Luck, Oh My!

Hello all! How does one even begin to explain how amazing today was and what superior or underlying powers or constructs made it so? I guess I’ll try right now. A funny story related to today began a couple months ago, when I was first emailed about registering for optional visits. Naturally, the option of … Read more

Day 6: Starting To Feel The Tiredness

Hello everyone! Let’s jump right into it. Today began with the first of our specialist lectures. Today I was part of a group that visited Dr Peter Hollingsworth, who talked about the challenges faced in complex systems engineering, namely the aerospace industry. I was quite interested in the topic of aerospace engineering but was surprised … Read more

Day 5: The Four Elements

Good morning! (This was supposed to be done last night, I have a problem, send help) Yesterday was an amazing experience, and I believe that it can be portrayed using Empedocles’ four elements. Element: Water As I may have mentioned earlier, London was very recently hit with a heat wave, giving it very unusually warm … Read more

Day 4: Passionate Perseverance

Good day to you all once again! As the saying goes: “No Pain, No Gain” Between the lingering soreness in my calves and the sides of my gut from running yesterday, and either the ache in my stomach after missing dinner, or the dry grittiness of my throat, you could say I’m somewhat in pain. … Read more

Day 3: Cells, Materials, and WAY Too Much Running

Hello once again! Today (or rather, yesterday. I seem to have irresponsibly fell asleep) started off with our first visits to scientific establishments. I attended the department of materials science in the Imperial College. There we got to have a glimpse of their work into controlling growth of cells, their modification of said cells by … Read more

Day 2: Heat and Beat

Hello again! The first day and official beginning of LIYSF 2018 was today and it was quite a bang to start us off with. It began with a delicious breakfast and an opening ceremony that was exciting and compelling. Also hot. The heat wave hasn’t discontinued and it got quite warm in my vest and … Read more

Day 1: Landfall

Hello readers! My name is Nikola Trotzuk and I will be your guide through what will be my journey as the representative candidate for UFV at LIYSF 2018! Today, or rather yesterday, my mind was an utter mess. Though I was completely packed with all travel arrangements made, I had never traveled by myself before, … Read more