LIYSF 2019: Day 20

Visiting CERN was more exceptional than I had ever imagined. Thousands of physicists from all over the world analyse the collisions that take part in the organisation’s extensive network of accelerators. Within the Antimatter Factory, the antiproton deceleration ring ELENA (Extra Low Energy Antiproton) produces beams of antiprotons, which are then trapped and studied. The … Read more

LIYSF 2019: Day 16

For our first day in France we visited the Cité des sciences et de l’industrie. The site fills three stories devoted to scientific inquiry, containing a vast array of interactive displays and thought-provoking exhibits. There was a genetics exhibit with an entire wall dedicated to the Human Genome Project. Every gene on every chromosome was … Read more

LIYSF 2019: Day 15

Departure day was filled with lots of reminiscing and tough goodbyes, but also with many promises of future travels across the globe. I extended an ever-open invitation to Canada, and assured my fellow participants that the west coast would be waiting. After a bittersweet morning, those of us continuing on to the CERN programme made … Read more