UFV Faculty of Science welcomes GearBots Makerspace Summer Camp!

The Faculty of Science is happy to be teaming up with GearBots Makerspace who provides learning opportunities for kids ages 9-15+. Students are introduced to the exciting world of engineering and technology. The main goal is to promote the “design process” while reinforcing key concepts such as applied physics, math, effective problem solving, critical thinking, […]

LIYSF 2016 – A Conclusion

LIYSF 2016. Oh, where do I begin?  Do I begin with the inspiring lecturers, each passionately relaying new scientific discoveries and exciting advances in their field? I could easily begin with the scientific visits, where we donned lab coats and learned about the inner workings of top laboratories, where we listened to scientists, nurses, doctors, […]

see you next year

Science Rocks! 2016 Summer Camps Finished for the Year

The final Science Rocks! camp of 2016 finished up on Friday, August 12th. Over the past 6 weeks, 95 campers from grades 4-7 enjoyed week long science based demonstrations and activities from finding out why some things stink to mystery solving and forensics. We hope all our campers had fun and learned something new, and […]

LIYSF Day 14: Celebrations & Farewells

Today was a day of celebration, farewells, many hugs, looking back, and looking forward. It was an immensely packed day from start to finish (as I write this it is currently past 3 am. There isn’t much time to sleep at LIYSF!) There were many wonderful things that happened today. Breakfast is always a great […]


Science Rocks! The 2016 Aboriginal Youth Camp!

There was so much fun had at the Science Rocks Aboriginal Youth Camp last week it would make your hair stand up! 24 kids from Grades 4 – 7 signed up for a week of fun activities and found out how cool science really is! Thanks to Ian Affleck and our Science Rocks! Team Leaders, […]

LIYSF Day 13: Adventures at Buckingham Palace & the Science Museum!

After thirteen days full of activities and a serious lack of sleep, I’m doing surprisingly well! Today’s activities and conversations certainly helped boost my energy. First thing in the morning I had a typical breakfast here at the Imperial, which included hash browns, sausages, toast, and lots of fruit! There is also a type of […]

LIYSF Day 12: Hampton Court Palace & the Traditions of Home Evening

Here at LIYSF, each of us brings a piece of our own culture to the forum. Even attendees from a single country bring different customs and traditions unique to their region. One of the highlights of today was being able to share our culture with 74 other countries at the Traditions of Home Evening. There […]

LIYSF Day 11: Lectures, Demonstrations & the LIYSF Olympics

Today held two lectures that I have been looking forward to since day one. First, a talk in the morning on the epidemic of congenital zika virus, and second, a lecture on boron hydrides in the evening. Sandwiched in between the two lectures was the LIYSF Olympics! Before the day of lectures and LIYSF Olympics began, a group of us […]

LIYSF Day 10: Lectures, Museums, and the International Cabaret

The best part about today was its extraordinary diversity. I started the day off with a lecture on combating blindness, followed it up with an engaging lecture involving loud chemical reactions, spent the afternoon at the Natural History Museum, and finally, had an unforgettable evening at the International Cabaret.  I thought I would start off […]