Dr. Lenore Newman leading a new partnership with University of Guelph – UFV Today

A new partnership has launched between two of Canada’s leading agri-food research universities – the University of the Fraser Valley and the University of Guelph. Together, they signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) aimed at advancing new pathways for sustainable innovation within Canada’s $140 billion food and agriculture industry.

The agreement names long-time collaborators Dr. Evan Fraser, Director of the Arrell Food Institute (AFI) at the University of Guelph and Dr. Lenore Newman, Director of the Agriculture and Food Institute (FAI) at the University of the Fraser Valley as co-leaders of the partnership.

First priorities will include the establishment of accelerator workshops, national network of ag tech players, and funding research and development to scale new innovations into the marketplace.

In the face of ever-growing climate concerns, yearly food waste contributing up to 9.8 million tonnes of CO2, nearly 1 in 5 Canadians being food insecure, and the impending shortage of skilled agricultural workers, decision makers worldwide are recognizing the key role local and global food systems can play in generating lasting solutions. The solutions needed are too big for any one group to find alone, so this collegial approach will bring together expertise from across the food system and beyond. Solutions will highlight Canada’s sustainable leadership while increasing competitiveness, profitability and national food/nutrition security.

“The Food and Agriculture Institute is excited to join forces with AFI to support the ambitious goal of supporting the development of Canada’s agricultural technology ecosystem,” says Newman.