Day 4: Passionate Perseverance

Good day to you all once again!

As the saying goes: “No Pain, No Gain”

Between the lingering soreness in my calves and the sides of my gut from running yesterday, and either the ache in my stomach after missing dinner, or the dry grittiness of my throat, you could say I’m somewhat in pain. But don’t mistake me, for it wasn’t without good reason.

Today’s breakfast went better than usual. Having finally figured out what I do and don’t like about breakfast here, I’m able to pick and choose with peace. Partway through said delicious meal, I had to say goodbye to the tiny irreplaceable bolt holding my sunglasses together. If sunglasses go to heaven, I hope they find a comfy nose of a rich respectable person to rest on.
Pain #1: Loss of an old friend

Afterwards, I accompanied some friends to our next plenary lecture, which was about materials science. Professor Mark Miodownik talked about the profound idea of self-healing materials in inanimate objects that would result in less consumer waste and longer lasting products. Such fascinating ideas communicated in a captivating and humorous way! I look forward to the day I can drop my phone and the crack in the screen repairs itself. If only I could feel some significant repair to the burning in my muscles. Patience, I guess.
Pain #2: Post marathon physical distress

With the lecture being finished, I went to meet the group that was travelling to the London Eye. What an amazing excursion. London is filled with buildings and sights that I don’t see at home. The massive clock tower, the old parliament buildings, street magic artists, and beautiful bridges. London is full of many wonders, and because of it I have way too many pictures and zero regrets. The unfortunate part is that our visit went overtime, and I had to return to my room to get dressed and prepare my poster. With very little time on my hands, I had to skip dinner and rely on some snacks I brought from home.
Pain #3: Absence of dinner…..

But my suffering was not for naught! I had such an incredible time at the Science Bazaar! Old friends, new friends, people I didn’t know, everyone, came to see my poster and learn all about my project: My Electrogram and Pneumatic Assist Arm. I didn’t get to see other posters, I’m afraid, due to the attractive nature of my poster! However, I feel content with that, as I got to spend the evening doing something I love, sharing my knowledge.
Pain #4: Excessive vocalization-induced sore throat

All this pain, and an unparalleled amount of gain to go along with it. The saying is true, and is an accurate reflection of my amazing Saturday!

Oh and I tasted Vegemite for the first time this morning.
–> Pain #5

As always,
Cheers and goodnight,

Nikola T.

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