Day 1: Landfall

Hello readers!

My first picture in London! I was absolutely fascinated by the different architecture!

My name is Nikola Trotzuk and I will be your guide through what will be my journey as the representative candidate for UFV at LIYSF 2018!

Today, or rather yesterday, my mind was an utter mess. Though I was completely packed with all travel arrangements made, I had never traveled by myself before, nor had I ever partaken in something quite as grand and exciting as LIYSF. I was jittery all day, whether from nervous doubt or excitement.

The flight was as comfortable as a flight can be (Kudos to Air Canada, the catering and service was great!). I slept for about a quarter of the 9 hour flight and relied on nothing but a small cup of in-flight coffee to keep my wits about me as I hauled by luggage and poster tube through the airport.

The train, being another element I experienced for the first time, was quite exciting. Not sure why, probably nerves or hysteria. Then again, it was very hot. Which leads me to the walk to Beit hall.

London has lately been in the midst of a heat wave, meaning that I, clad in jeans and about 100 pounds of London Survival Equipment, became quite sweaty well before I reached the hall.

But in time I found my way to my destination, into a pair of shorts, and immediately into conversation with complete strangers, coming from countries I hadn’t yet heard of. These new friends and I set about exploring the Imperial College campus and Hyde Park, just north from there. Some of the architecture here is incredible: nothing like home.

Our residence was right beside the Royal Albert Hall!
The Albert Memorial in Hyde Park. Wow!
Queen’s Tower, illuminated with blue light.







After much walking in the heat, our organizers and counselors wrangled us together and did their best to rally some spirit into the tired crowd. The flights and heat had really taken a toll on us, and so a couple of my new friends decided to unwind with some good ol’ Rick and Morty before bed. The seemingly endless conversations I’ve had with all these new people today makes me tremendously excited to be here.

Tomorrow the itinerary kicks into fifth gear, and I’ll be ready to take it (and London’s weird smell) head on after some much needed R&R.

Cheers, and good night,

Nikola T.
LIYSF 2018

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  1. The conversations are one of the best parts of LIYSF! You’ve got some fantastic days ahead. 🙂 Enjoy, Nik!

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