Day 7: Science and Magic and Luck, Oh My!

Hello all!

How does one even begin to explain how amazing today was and what superior or underlying powers or constructs made it so? I guess I’ll try right now.

A funny story related to today began a couple months ago, when I was first emailed about registering for optional visits. Naturally, the option of visiting Rolls-Royce excited me to no end and I wanted to register. Sadly, I had missed the opportunity to register for it, as these high demand events filled up rather quickly. Feeling slightly defeated with no apparent waitlist being available but still optimistic, I registered for another visit, and waited for my London excursion to roll around. So how did it come to be that I got my picture taken beside Rolls-Royce’s very own Trent 1000 turbofan engine? Luck? Fate? Who cares?! Just keep it coming!

I had unfortunately slept in, making me a bit late for breakfast, but still on time considering my optional visit didn’t leave for a while. On my way to the cafeteria, I bumped into a couple of my good friends among the group of students leaving for Rolls-Royce. I wasted no time and asked if there were free spaces. There was. With only minutes from departure I sprinted to meet with LIYSF’s director and through exhausted and eager words requested to be transferred to the Rolls-Royce group….

“Okay, go…”

And so I began the day, out of breath and without breakfast and not a single crap to give about either. I was with some of my best friends here, on a bus to a place I new would make me giddy like a school child. And it did.

I was face to face with England’s propeller and jet engines that shaped the history of commercial and military flight. It was the single highest photo-taking density time in my entire life. I danced around the hangars, taking endless pictures and taking in the surroundings, learning about the history and internal workings of these engines. Whatever you want to call it. Luck, Destiny, Witchcraft, Chipotle, or Voodoo. Something amazing happened today.

Don’t ever stop pushing for what will make you happy in life, you might get your chance!

And it only got better. For that night, we attended a performance of the musical Wicked. I had seen it many years ago, and couldn’t miss the opportunity to see it again. I was met with beautiful and powerful singing voices and an orchestra that filled the theater with epic instrumental pieces. It was an excellent refresher of how magnificent the show is and how unfairly talented some people are. I finished the night inside a British McDonalds alongside some great friends.

It’s going to be very hard to top this night.

As always, cheers and goodnight,

Nikola T.