Literary Arts Week Shows Aspiring UFV Writers their Future

We kicked off Literary Arts Week in style with the arrival of our WIR, Jordan Abel, the launch of the latest issue of the Pacific Rim Review of Books, and a colloquium on the current state of Canada’s publishing industry. Jordan Abel got things started. After talking about how his Nisga’a identity informs his creative […]

Every Day English–World Day of Social Justice

Michelle LaFlamme contributes our next Every Day English blog post to commemorate World Day of Social Justice. Photo Credit: JFrazier_Photo Flickr via Compfight cc I teach Canadian literature and specialize in Aboriginal drama.  This means that I am necessarily engaged with postcolonial theory and numerous social justice issues that preoccupy many contemporary writers.  One thing […]

Every Day English–World Braille Day

  By Michelle Superle I learned about Braille from books, appropriately enough—from the Little House series, my childhood favourites. There I was, cozy on my couch, while back in 1800s Dakota poor Mary was going blind. Her family worried that wouldn’t be able to earn a living. To me, the greatest tragedy was that Mary […]

The When of English–Every Day English

For the past few months we’ve been asking a big question on the blog: “Where Can English Take You?” By this point you know the answer—EVERYWHERE! Now we’re wondering about the other “Big Five Ws” of English too, especially “When?” Photo Credit: yourbestdigs Flickr via Compfight cc Inspired by one of the coolest literary blogs […]

Where Can English Take You? Anywhere! To Authentic Christmas Markets

  Taylor Breckles, a UFV English and history student, is studying literature and language in Poland this year. UFV English professor Michelle LaFlamme helped facilitate Breckles’s exchange with the University of Silesia, a UFV partner university in Poland. Student guest post by Taylor Breckles Now that I have somewhat settled into life here, I’m starting […]

CreWri UFV Writer’s Block Party on November 16th

By Jessica Milliken Attention Creative Writers!  CreWri UFV and its Scholars are hosting a Writer’s Block Party for Scribes and Scribblers on Wednesday November 16th, at 6:30pm.  This is a general workshopping day. Bring in 2-3 copies of your own original work, poetry, short stories, plays, journalism, anything you’ve been working on that you would like to workshop […]

Where Can English Take You? Anywhere! To the Heart of American Politics

  By Helene Littman Sixteen years ago, I was living in Baltimore, and writing a PhD on “The American Epic Poem and Democracy.” Photo credit: Lynn Friedman Flickr via Compfight cc So of course I had to run down to Washington, DC, to watch the election results. For most of the evening, Gore was leading […]

Where Can English Take You? Anywhere! To Earn a Living

  By Trevor Carolan Job-wise, graduating with a degree in English can feel like driving toward Deadman’s Curve wearing a blindfold.  Financial anxiety adds a zest to living, but hopefully not for too long; so having a basic skill-set to demonstrate your capabilities to employers is essential. At our first class, I always tell my […]

Join the Club–New CRWR Club at UFV!

  Tokien and Lewis hung around with The Inklings at Oxford . . . where will the new CreWri UFV club take our writers? Student guest post by Jessica Milliken Hello to any and all creative writers here at UFV!   My name is Jessica Milliken and I am the President of UFV’s first Creative […]