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Science in London ‒ DAY 6

Mindful of all the world’s starving children I took great pains to communicate my desire for less food to the servers at breakfast. Although they are no doubt used to cleaning up dishes half-full of eggs and sausage afterward, they hesitantly agreed to this foreign request. After the regular morning socializing we migrated towards the […]

Science in London ‒ DAY 5

After breakfast we boarded the buses bound for Stonehenge and Salisbury Cathedral day tours. What they didn’t tell me when I paid the £40 ($70) for the tour is that Stonehenge is a good 2hr drive from Imperial College! However, part of the reason I wanted this trip was to experience the renowned English countryside outside […]

Science in London ‒ DAY 4

Again, I am writing this post two days late but the pictures will guide me! I will try to get in a more regular pattern of blogging because it’s not as easy remembering with so much going on. Anyways, here’s a nice shot of Queen’s tower which welcomed us to the breakfast hall early Saturday […]

Science in London ‒ DAY 3

Okay, so I ran out of time last night to review day 3 of LIYSF 2014 and I’ve found one of the great challenges of this forum is to find time for everything! I will try to keep it compact… It was an early morning because I had a tour to the National Physical Laboratory […]

Science in London ‒ DAY 2

Wow, it’s hard settling down to write this post after so much learning, networking, and experiencing the second day of LIYSF! We started off with one of those everything-looks-so-good-you-scoop-in-too-much-and-can’t-hope-to-finish breakfasts where I sat with two Irish lasses, one Texan, and a fine young man from Israel – what a combination! The Opening Ceremony was approaching […]

Science in London ‒ DAY 1

The 9hr flight to London, UK was highly entertaining for one who doesn’t travel all that often… Bye bye Vancouver… here I come UK! As the outside temperature drops to -45C, any water left between window panes freezes forming some beautiful crystals. The reason CO2 in the atmosphere doesn’t instantly form dry ice hail is not […]

Get ready for LIYSF ’14!

  Signing on here as Etienne Dreyer – your host to the London International Youth Science Forum (LIYSF) 2014! I am first of all grateful for UFV’s vision of supporting and inspiring young scientists which is demonstrated through their funding of my attendance at this stupendous forum. Take a peek at the official website for the LIYSF: […]