LIYSF 2015: Day 11 – Lectures and Football

Today was yet another very full day! We started with a lecture in the morning from a younger man involved with inspiring science and science communication. He tries to teach the younger generations of science through new means, such as through a video series he hosts. Most interesting part of the presentation was having a … Read more

LIYSF 2015: Day 9 – Trip to Oxford!

Today was the day I was looking forward to the most, a trip to the Oxford Biomedical Research Laboratories. We left early this morning for an hour and a half drive to Churchill Hospital. In order to beat the London rush hour traffic we arrived over an hour early. We then walked over to the … Read more

LIYSF 2015: Day 5 – Hampton Court Palace

Today was a fantastic day of sightseeing in Richmond, London! With a group of exactly 97 eager science people, we crowded onto the tube (London underground subway is great!) and then crammed ourselves into two buses for a good 45 minute ride to the Royal Hampton Court Palace! The long ride gave a great opportunity … Read more

LIYSF 2015: Day 3 – The Bazaar!

Today started off with our visits to Research & Scientific Establishments in London! Following yet another hearty breakfast, I joined the group heading off to the Kew Royal Botanic Gardens. While I don’t particularly consider myself a plant guy, I really enjoyed the whole experience! With about 30 of us, we took the tube to … Read more