Day 20: Circles / Final Goodbye

Hello one more time, everyone! This day marks the final day of the LIYSF/CERN experience, with us visiting CERN itself. It was an early start, as it usually is. We had our last french breakfast and headed to CERN on the bus. When we arrived we were all given your typical visitor lanyards and entered … Read more

Day 19: Southward

Hello again, everybody! Today marked the 5th day of the CERN Programme, and our last bit of time in Paris. It was a short amount of time spent, as we wasted no time waiting and left for the train the moment breakfast was finished. We loaded our luggage onto the train, and quickly noticed the … Read more

Day 18: A Taste of Paris

Hello again! Another amazing day of tourism, this time with a little more flavor. Literally! Today began with the usual groggy wake up and a delicious baguette breakfast. We then left, taking the metro to the le tour Eiffel. It’s even more magnificent up close than from where we saw it before. Surrounding the tower, … Read more

Day 17: Art and Arc

Bonjour! Welcome back to the LIYSF / CERN blog! I think the entirety of the science done in Paris happened yesterday. Today was a day of tourism! Our first visit after breakfast was to the Louvre museum. Never had I ever really understood how many pieces of art and displays you could cram into one … Read more

Day 16: France with Friends

Hello everyone! Today marks day 2 of the CERN Programme. Today was our first full day in Paris. It started with breakfast in the hotel cafeteria. Nowadays it seems we have sliced baguettes with meat and cheese. The orange juice is truly magnificent, and is squeezed right in front of you when you dispense it. … Read more

Day 15: Extra Tears and Shifting Gears

Hello everyone. Day 15 of my excursion. Day 1 of the CERN programme. Just when you thought the tears were done. After I said my final goodbyes to my dorm room and wolfed down a quick breakfast, there were several students who had come to the bus stop to wish all of us going on … Read more