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UFV Faculty on Shaping Identity: Land, People, Systems at the Society for Intercultural Education, Teaching and Research (SIETAR 2014)

  SIETAR 2014 Congress Video Sts’ailes Written By Shirley Hardman, Indigenous Affairs Senior Advisor, and  Marcella LaFever Ph.D Holland, Germany, Australia, and from across the United States; these are just a few of the places that scholars traveled from to share their knowledge and to learn about “Shaping Identity: Land, People, Systems”the theme of the […]

Preparing for the Future: You’ve got to do the Hard Work

Coyote is in the forest and loses his needle. Owl comes and asks coyote ‘what’s wrong’? Coyote tells Owl ‘I’m looking for my needle.’ Owl says to Coyote ‘I’ll help you find your needle’ and then soars up into the sky and circles the area looking for the needle. He comes back down and tells […]