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UFV hosts and caucus: Dr. Peter Geller, Shirley Hardman, Indigenous Affairs, Dr. Eric Davis

It is very easy to underestimate the challenges involved — UFV Caucus Reflections

Staff (Caucus) observed that it was very easy to underestimate the challenges involved, and wondered how to make the curriculum more balanced for aboriginal students, and if there were a way to incorporate and promote understanding through staff training and development. It was suggested that ceremonial activities, like sweats, were important to indigenization, as they […]

NVIT President Ken Tourand addressing Indigenizing the Academy Gathering UFV

Learn to think with your heart: Reflections on Indigenizing the Academy

Indigenizing the Academy workshops produced a lot of reflection around the best way forward for everyone, indigenous and non-indigenous alike. It was noted by Senior Administrators that Student retention was closely tied to support structures, including a culturally safe (decolonized) space, funding support, daycare support, community involvement, aboriginal advisors, elders in residence, and Indigenous faculty and programming. Elders […]