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Where can I feel at home, and be who I am? Students’ Personal and Institutional Reflections on Indigenizing the Academy

Students principally   spoke to the questions of addressing misconceptions of what indigenization meant: they felt that a separate gathering space was needed where they could feel at home and culturally safe, feeling they could be themselves and not be judged. Also addressed were issues of structural discrimination typical of a Eurocentric post-secondary institution: mentioned as […]

Keynotes and Guest Speakers: Discussions from the Canadian Federation of Students, National Aboriginal Caucus: Dr. Jo-Ann Episkenew, Dr. Lynne Davis, Eber Hampton, Otis Jasper notes and discussions

INDIGENIZING THE ACADEMY GATHERING August 26th–28th, 2012   Notes courtesy of Dolly Reno. DAY 1: Opening Ceremony with Elders   DAY 2: Guest Speaker: Dr. Jo-Ann Episkenew, University of Saskatchewan:   Gatekeepers as a disconnect and obstacle to indigenization Gatekeepers      that are a part of the reason for a disconnection between Indigenous      people […]