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Workshop Breakout I Group 6 Community Members and Elders Personal and Institutional Reflections on Indigenizing the Academy

Personal & Institutional Reflections on Indigenizing the Academy Workshop Breakout I Breakout Group 6 (Community Members & Elders) Language an important part of education Language immersion suggested Build bridges between institutions and communications Communication bridging important Superficial indigenization Cannot indigenize a  non-indigenous program by “slapping a name on it” Native way of teaching – patience […]

Keynotes and Guest Speakers: Discussions from the Canadian Federation of Students, National Aboriginal Caucus: Dr. Jo-Ann Episkenew, Dr. Lynne Davis, Eber Hampton, Otis Jasper notes and discussions

INDIGENIZING THE ACADEMY GATHERING August 26th–28th, 2012   Notes courtesy of Dolly Reno. DAY 1: Opening Ceremony with Elders   DAY 2: Guest Speaker: Dr. Jo-Ann Episkenew, University of Saskatchewan:   Gatekeepers as a disconnect and obstacle to indigenization Gatekeepers      that are a part of the reason for a disconnection between Indigenous      people […]