There are some great videos, documents and other materials that have already come out of our efforts to share the indigenization experience.

Check in here and have a look for items that you can use in moving your institution or community forward.

Resources from the Gathering:


PDF Documents for each of the break-out sessions.

  • Workshop Breakout 1 Group 4 (Students) – Students’ personal reflections on Indigenzing the Academy
  • Topics: Cultural Safety, Feeling Comfortable, Decolonization, Indigenization Definitions, Elders, Inclusion, Conformity/Nonconformity,  Student Success, Eurocentrism, Tokenism, Isolation, healing, History, Ceremonies, Indigenous Teaching, Funding, Community Involvement, Aboriginal Education, Voice, Aboriginal-Non-Aboriginal Relations[ Download PDF ]


  • Workshop Breakout I Group 5  (UFV Caucus) UFV Staff Personal and Institutional Reflections on Indigenizing the AcademyTopics:  Challenges, Balancing Curriculum and Programming, Community Involvement, Ceremonial Activities, Decolonization, Programming, Personal and Institutional Engagement, Tokenism, Cross-Cultural Training [ Download PDF]



  • Workshop Breakout I Group 7 (Sr. Administrators) Personal and Institutional Reflections on Indigenizing the AcademyTopics:  Indigenization Definitions, Public Policy, Strategic Plans, Elders, Student Recruitment, Hiring, Programming, Adaptation, Representation, Turnover and Stability, Culture and Tradition, Cross-Cultural Training, Community Consultation and Engagement, Ownership of Indigenous Knowledge, Decolonization, Cultural Safety and Security [ Download PDF ]



  • Workshop Breakout II Group 2 (Faculty 1) Hiring, Retention, Tenure, & PromotionTopics: Qualifications, Workload, Community Involvement and Consultation, Student and Faculty Support and Retention, Aboriginal Hiring Strategy and Policy; Institutional Barriers to First Nations Hiring, New Faculty Orientation, Expectations, Evaluations, Departmental Fit, Tokenism, Culturally Relevant Training, Collective Agreements [Download PDF]



  • Workshop Breakout II Group 6 (Community and Elders) Hiring, Retention, Tenure, & PromotionTopics:  Elders in Residence, Student Success and Support, Qualifications, Tokenism, Students’ Background Knowledge of their Culture, Community Consultation, Traditional Knowledge vs Western Knowledge, Language Learning [ Download PDF]




  • Guest Speakers Discussions from the Canadian Federation of Students, National Aboriginal Caucus (Dr. Jo-Ann Episkenew, Dr. Lynne Davis, Eber Hampton, Otis Jasper notes and discussions)Topics: Gatekeepers as a disconnect and obstacle to indigenization, Racism, Four R’s of Education, Elders and Instituionalization, Finding a voice, Spirituality, Donfroming, Assimilationg, Colonizing, Decolonizing, Definition of Indigenization, Community—Learning and Sharing Knowledge, Younger generation’s having a foot in both cultures, Responsibility of Youth, Humility as a highly valued quality, Learning First Nations culture and History, Elders, Preparing for the Future, How to Beat the White Man, Next Steps and Recommendations [Download PDF]



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