Next Steps: Recommendations from the Canadian Federation of Students, National Aboriginal Caucus

Next Steps:  Recommendations from the Canadian Federation of Students, National Aboriginal Caucus:

•             Put Keynotes on the web to create some structure to use as a way to gather more information on the web from others who read it.

•             CADD – Research

•             Make Indigenizing the Academy meetings a regular event

•             All institutions to put out a paper on anthologies of best practices.

•             Document and track the professional development of our tenure track to keep this learning going from an Indigenous perspective without losing what we’ve learned so far, so we don’t have to keep starting the process over?

•             The Indigenous Scholars Networks.

•             Power points and video of the keynotes.

•             Create an email network forum online for those interested in indigenizing the Academy.

•             Send out Surveys that every few months to each institution to see if we’re growing from this.

•             Inform graduate students of these findings.  These are Ideal master thesis projects. We should inform students out there and work with them to do the necessary research that is needed to move forward.

•             Involve the youth! Inform them that these support systems are here.

•             Create a committee that commits to supporting the organizations of National Graduates of Indigenous studies.

•             Every institution of Canada should integrate into their tenure/promotion process the crediting of Indigenous studies, traditions, ceremonies and/or knowledge.

•             Draft a collective briefing note that lays out some of the recommendations back to the institutions and have a follow up. *Attach this responsibility to the executive decision makers.

•             Keep re-telling the stories of what took place here.

•             Send post-secondary professors and students into the elementary schools.

•             Have another conference and include more children and their voices.

•             We must look to ourselves because we are the ones training and teaching the indigenous and non-indigenous students.


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