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Senior Administrators on Governance: necessary to consult with Aboriginal advisors

Senior Administrators felt that it was necessary to consult with Aboriginal advisors to get started.  It was considered important to have Learning Place for First Nations, which most institutions have, and First Nations programming included in the strategic plan. Programs needed to be created that acknowledge multiple nations.  Administrators noted that many departments within the […]

“Walk the talk” Promoting body, mind, emotion and spirit — Elders’ reflections on Hiring, Retention, Tenure, and Promotion

Elders stressed that best practices in indigenizing would include making language and particularly language immersion an important part of indigenization. Indigenous teaching methods – employing patience, and teaching with love, with “no slapping or yelling” — were recommended as well, rather than token efforts (“not enough to take a non-indigenous program and slap a name […]

Governance, Partnerships, and Building Alliances (Senior Administrators)

Sr. Administrators Governance, Partnerships, and Building Alliances How do aboriginal groups work with post-secondary institutions? How do Indigenous and non-indigenous faculty build alliances to support indigenization?   A need to work more closely Band funding an issue Academy not always neutral: funding  — goes to community or institution?   More representation needed at all levels: […]