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Indigenizing the Academy Elders

Indigenizers on Governance: Aboriginal hiring strategy to properly support students, create atmosphere of safety and trust

Indigenizers stressed, among other things, that First Nations should be hired throughout institutions, not just the First Nations studies department, and that institutions should report to aboriginal councils and that there be aboriginals and elders on the Board of Governors. It was felt that Indigenizing needed to be done by First Nations people to be […]

Workshop Breakout II Group 1 (Indigenizers) Hiring, Retention, Tenure, and Promotion

Hiring, Retention, Tenure, & Promotion Workshop Breakout II Breakout Group 1 (Indigenizers) University staff overlook Aboriginal staff and go to non-aboriginal staff as experts  University staff tend to not go to the staff (perception of or lack level of education) and tend to go too non-Aboriginal staff thinking they are the experts Hiring process and […]