S’i:wes by Jonny Williams


The man and woman are in a circle to represent the circle of life: the left hands are open to represent receiving, and right hands are open in down positions to represent giving.  Their heads are down representing humbleness to each other.  The cedar hats and cedar clothing represents Stó:lō culture and signifies the importance of cedar to our people. The paddle represents the journey of our First Nation people.  The salmon on the paddle represents the river.  The Stó-ló are the people of the river.  The male and female salmon in the background also show the circle of life as salmon are the Stó-lō people’s main source of food.

About the Artist

Jonathan (Jonny) Williams is Stó:lō from the Chiyó:m (Cheam) First Nation.  He grew up in Chilliwack, BC.  Jonny is a self-taught artist.  Through many years of practice, Jonny has developed his own style of First Nation art.

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