Preparing for the Future: You’ve got to do the Hard Work

Coyote is in the forest and loses his needle. Owl comes and asks coyote ‘what’s wrong’? Coyote tells Owl ‘I’m looking for my needle.’ Owl says to Coyote ‘I’ll help you find your needle’ and then soars up into the sky and circles the area looking for the needle. He comes back down and tells Coyote ‘I didn’t find it, so it must not be here because if it were I would have seen it.’ Coyote was sad and tells Owl ‘I really need my needle…’ Owl sees the stress in Coyote’s face and asks him ‘where did you lose the needle?’ Coyote points to a completely different area and says ‘I lost it over there behind the bushes.’ Owl, looking perplexed asks Coyote ‘If you lost it way over there, why are you looking here?’ Coyote responds ‘because there’s light over here.’ The point of this story is that we must not do something because it’s easier or not-not do something because it’s harder.

•             It took us a long time to get to where we are and it’s going to take along time to get better but it is possible. Hard work, but worth it.

•             What do we need to prepare ourselves for the future? Get an education.

•             If it’s too easy then we’re a part of the problem. If it’s not easy then we may be on our way.

•             Change is never easy.


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