Day 14: LIYSFinale

Hello everyone and thank you for following the blog. Well, here I am at the end. Today is the final day of LIYSF and the final day of the most incredible two week adventure I have ever been on. Today started off with an event called the Participant’s Forum. Here, the students of LIYSF gathered … Read more

Day 13: Queendom and Phantom

Hello once again! Today, I’ve earned my place among the royals. Well not exactly, I went to Buckingham palace. And I couldn’t take any pictures or touch anything or sit on the throne or even meet the queen. Not only that but I didn’t see a single ham there, let alone a ham that was … Read more

Day 12: Tower, Thames, Tradition

And once more, hello! Today was such an incredible adventure filled with history, photographs, presentation, song and dance, and impulsive purchases. So let’s get started! The day began with a choice of amazing visits. Some went to the University of Oxford, others went to the University of Cambridge, while I went on the visit to … Read more

Day 11: Bits and Beits

Hello again, everyone! ( not that I know how many people “everyone” refers to, it could be just one, (hi mom) ) So, today started with another plenary lecture, this time delivered by Dr Evelyn Gitau. Dr Gitau’s lecture, titled “Investing in Youth to Secure Global Health for Our Future”, touched base on many of … Read more

Day 10: The Feeling of Flight

Hello audience! Wow, what a day. Whether it be literal flight, or a feeling of euphoria, everything today seemed to revolve around flight and weightlessness. Our day begins with the LIYSF Alumni specialist lectures. Today, I attended a lecture delivered by Dr Stephan Priebe, who spoke about aerodynamics, turbulent flow, and computational fluid dynamics. I … Read more

Day 9: Fusion, Excursion, Audition, Procrastination

Hello once again! Have you ever wanted environmentally friendly and self-sustaining energy so badly you were willing to superheat helium isotopes and smash them together? If no, then this post is not for you. Today we visited the Culham Centre for Fusion. After catching up on some missed sleep on the bus ride, we went … Read more

Day 8: LIYTF

Hello once again! I thought this was a science forum. Today we celebrate the existence of the London International Youth Theater Forum. Don’t get me wrong, I love theater as much as science, but today was particularly interesting. It began with our one and only Specialist Study Day. We all split into groups where we … Read more

Day 7: Science and Magic and Luck, Oh My!

Hello all! How does one even begin to explain how amazing today was and what superior or underlying powers or constructs made it so? I guess I’ll try right now. A funny story related to today began a couple months ago, when I was first emailed about registering for optional visits. Naturally, the option of … Read more

Day 6: Starting To Feel The Tiredness

Hello everyone! Let’s jump right into it. Today began with the first of our specialist lectures. Today I was part of a group that visited Dr Peter Hollingsworth, who talked about the challenges faced in complex systems engineering, namely the aerospace industry. I was quite interested in the topic of aerospace engineering but was surprised … Read more

Day 5: The Four Elements

Good morning! (This was supposed to be done last night, I have a problem, send help) Yesterday was an amazing experience, and I believe that it can be portrayed using Empedocles’ four elements. Element: Water As I may have mentioned earlier, London was very recently hit with a heat wave, giving it very unusually warm … Read more