Attention 2018 Science Grads! Sign up early for your portrait session!

2018 Grads: Book your photo session now!

Professional photographers from Artona Group, the official graduation photographer for UFV, will be on the Abbotsford and Chilliwack CEP campuses in February and March for graduate portrait sessions ($15 sitting fee).

Feb 22 – 24 – Chilliwack CEP campus
Classroom: CEPA 2428

March 5 – 17 – Abbotsford campus

Artona Mobile Studio – Mobile Studio located in the parking lot 10 outside S Building

It is recommended that grads book their session now as appointments will fill up quickly.

To view availability of sessions and to book an appointment, grads can follow these steps:

  1. Visit the Artona website
    2. Click the “BOOK NOW” button on the homepage
    3. Type in “University of the Fraser Valley”
    4. Follow on-screen instructions

Alumni Membership card photos (free) – While on campus Artona will also be available to take photos for the UFV Alumni Association membership cards, free of charge. Alumni membership cards give grads access to a variety of great benefits and privileges upon graduation. Drop in anytime (S1101) – appointments are not necessary. To see our UFV Alumni Association membership benefits visit

[box]Faculty of Science and the UFV Alumni Association are pleased to offer grads the chance to have a graduate portrait with their fellow grads framed together and mounted in their department hallway. This single headshot-composite photography opportunity is FREE for the grad. Just mention to the photographer you would like to only have a composite session.[/box]

Be sure to book your appointment online now at

Questions? Call the Alumni Relations office: 604-557-4008 or email

Sushi from a petri dish? Something seems a little fishy!

The Faculty of Science was pleased to welcome Dr. Lucy Lee, Dean of Science at UFV. Although she is on sabbatical/administrative leave, she stopped by to talk about her research passion as part of the Faculty of Science Dean’s Seminar Series.

Dr. Lee has devoted over 35 years to fish cell line development. Invitromatics is a new term introduced in 2017 but this field of research dates back 75 years.

Since the early 1940’s, scientists have been able to culture and grow cells outside an organism and maintain them for seemingly indefinite times as “cell lines”. Most famous among the over 100,000 cell lines developed to date, is HeLa, the human cell line derived from a cervical cancer biopsy of an Afro-American woman in the early 1950’s (Henrietta Lacks). These cells were instrumental in the development of key vaccines and cancer medications, technologies for in vitro fertilization, gene mapping, cloning, among many other biotechnological applications. Although most cell lines available to date have been derived from humans, cell lines from many other organisms have been developed including fish.

[box]WATCH Dr. Lee’s Presentation – to be posted soon[/box]


Check out the article in the latest UFV’s student newspaper The Cascade

Mathematical Modeling of Ocean Temperatures with Dr. Sam Pimentel MAR 5/18

The Math and Stats Department at UFV is pleased to present Dr. Sam Pimentel, Assistant Professor from Trinity Western University.

Mathematical Modeling of Ocean Temperatures

When: Monday, March 5, 2018

Time: 4:00 pm

Where: A233, Abbotsford Campus

Everyone welcome to attend!

[box]Dr. Sam Pimentel’s NSERC funded research programme involves the application of data assimilation methods in glaciology.

His recent research has involved the development and application of numerical ice-flow models with a particular focus on the interaction of ice-sheet dynamics and glacier hydrology. He has interests in applied mathematics, numerical modelling, glaciology and data assimilation.[/box]


Register today for UFV Student Research Day! APRIL 5/18

UFV Student Research Day

Thursday, April 5, 2018

11:30 – 12:30 pm Micro-lectures (Spirit Bear Cafe, A219 Abbotsford Campus)

12:20 – 2:30 pm Poster Presentations (University House, F124 and F125 Abbotsford Campus)

3:00 pm Awards Ceremony (F125)


11:30 am – Micro lectures in the Spirit Bear Café, A Building, Abbotsford campus.

Take the stage and share your research experiences in a high-speed 2-minute lecture. UFV Students only.

How do I register for the Micro-Lectures? Fill out the online registration form ‌by March 26, 2018.

[box]Poster Presentations and Judging[/box]

10 am – 12:30 pm – Poster Presentation Registration and Free Pizza Lunch for poster presenters only, in F124 & F125, Abbotsford campus.

12:30 – 2:30 pm – Poster Presentation in F124 & F125

Present your research project on a poster in a lively interactive session. Participants compete for scholarship awards between $150-200.

[box]Awards Ceremony[/box]

3:00 pm – Awards Ceremony in F125

Prizes are awarded to UFV students for Student Research Day.


Who can participate? Students who conduct research under the supervision of a UFV faculty member may take part in the Micro Lecture, Poster Presentation, or both. All Faculties and disciplines are welcome.

Poster Workshop for students: March 21, 2018

10:00 – 11:30 am, A225 Abbotsford campus, please RSVP to to attend.

How do I register for the Poster Presentation? [highlight]Fill out the online registration form by March 26, 2018[/highlight]. If you have any questions please email or visit us in the Research Office located in G290, on the second floor of the library on the Abbotsford Campus.

What else do I need to know? Detailed participant instructions, Poster Guidelines 2018, photos, and videos are online: Student Research Day. UFV Research Services will cover the cost of posters printed in UFV Print Services. However, students must email the Printroom by Monday March 26, 2018 to be eligible for free printing.

Award winners will be invited to submit their work to the UFV institutional repository HarvestIR. An institutional repository is a web-based system designed to preserve and showcase the notable intellectual work of faculty, staff, and students. Student contributors to HarvestIR will benefit from increased exposure to their work within an online scholarly context, and potential employers, graduate schools, and friends and family can be directed reliably to the content using the permanent URLs. The HarvestIR system also ensures the digital preservation of the submitted content according to professional information management standards.

For more information, see:

For examples of submitted work, see:

Let’s Talk Science Site Coordinator Job Opportunity – Apply by MAR 7/18


Join a national network of enthusiastic science, tech, engineering, and math students working together to make a difference in the science literacy of young Canadians! (See for an idea of what’s possible!)


(Your training supplied by Let’s Talk Science!)

During the 2018-2019 Academic year:

  • Help plan and offer on-campus UFV Science events for high school students
  • Recruit, train and support new volunteers as they offer Let’s Talk Science outreach events in our communities
  • Work with local educators to promote science events and outreach in their classrooms
  • Maintain records and program budgets
  • Work in co-operation with national office
  • Annually attend at least one Let’s Talk Science conference (travel and expenses paid!)


Will be a UFV Science student 3rd year or above in ’18-‘19

  • Strong communication and organizational skills
  • Strong commitment to promoting science literacy in our communities
  • Strong commitment to building connections between UFV Science and our local schools
  • A creative self-starter who can help UFV Science grow this exciting new program!


  • Promote UFV Science in our communities
  • Develop business & communication skills
  • Gain fundraising & budgetary skills
  • Work in a positive environment
  • Tremendous freedom to pursue new goals for Let’s Talk Science Outreach
  • Paid travel to Let’s Talk Science conferences & local communities
  • Earn a coordinator stipend

[box]TO APPLY: Send resume with references and cover letter to
DEADLINE TO APPLY: March 7, 2018
CONTACT: For more information contact[/box]

Faculty of Science Dean’s Seminar Series presents Fish Invitromatics with Dr. Lucy Lee FEB 20 @ 1:30 PM

We are pleased to announce that Dr. Lucy Lee will be presenting as part of the Faculty of Science Dean’s Seminar Series. She has devoted 35 years to fish cell line development and in this presentation, she will recap her past work, present research projects and a fascinating future for fish invitromatics.

Fish invitromatics: a compilation of a research career

WHEN: Tuesday, February 20th
TIME: 1:30 – 2:30 PM
WHERE: B101, Abbotsford Campus

[highlight]EVERYONE IS WELCOME TO ATTEND![/highlight]

[box]What is invitromatics?[/box]

Fish cells

Invitromatics is a new term introduced in 2017 to describe a field of research that dates back 75 years but had no distinct terminology. Since the early 1940’s, scientists have been able to culture and grow cells outside an organism and maintain them for seemingly indefinite times as “cell lines”. Most famous among the over 100,000 cell lines developed to date, is HeLa, the human cell line derived from a cervical cancer biopsy of an Afro-American woman in the early 1950’s. These cells were instrumental in the development of key vaccines and cancer medications, technologies for in vitro fertilization, gene mapping, cloning, among many other biotechnological applications. Although most cell lines available to date have been derived from humans, cell lines from many other organisms have been developed including fish.

Dr. Lucy Lee joined UFV in 2012 as the Dean of Science. Her second term will begin in September 2018 when she returns from Administrative/Sabattical leave. Her leave has been focusing on indigenization and internationalization of the sciences as well as advancing her research program.

Dr. Lee’s busy schedule has taken her to all parts of the globe. Since August 2017 she has visited the Faculty of Natural Resource Science at the University of Akureyri in Iceland; Skretting Aquaculture Research Centre in Stavanger, Norway; Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden; National Veterinary Institute at the Technical University of Denmark in Frederiiksberg; she gave a week long workshop to scientists from the Norwegian Veterinary Institute in Oslo, Norway; met with scientists at the University of Copenhagen; attended the National Diversity in STEM Conference (SACNAS) in Salt Lake City , Utah; gave a workshop to a Biotech Company in Berkeley, California; and has attended various innovation events in the Vancouver and Fraser Valley area. She’s been invited to Valdivia, Chile to give a two week graduate course in fish cell culture in March and has been invited to present in Indonesia in May and Switzerland in June 2018.



Applications for LIYSF 2018 being accepted until FEB 8/18

UFV will be sending one Science student to London, England, all expenses paid, to attend the annual London International Youth Science Forum (LIYSF) July  25 to August 8, 2018.

Past representatives have included: Tessa Webb & Perrin Waldock (2017), Vivienne Beard (2016), Kevin Kobes (2015), Etienne Dreyer (2014), Andrew Alexander (2013), and Timothy Richards (2012). Catch up on the Blog Articles submitted by our past representatives!

[highlight]APPLICATION INFORMATION:[/highlight]

We are looking for a student enrolled in a science program at UFV, who is academically outstanding and also has great leadership and communication skills, to represent UFV at the London International Youth Science Forum.

To qualify for the Selection Process, you must:

  • be aged 17 to 21
  • Submit a portfolio, consisting of:
    • Resume and cover letter stating why you qualify for this
    • Your vision of where Science or Technology will make the biggest contribution to the future (short essay, video or other visual presentation)
    • 2 letters of reference from faculty who can speak to your ability & accomplishments as a science student and why you would be a good representative for UFV at the Forum


Send a digital copy to the Office of the Dean, Faculty of Science at


Shortlisted candidates will make a presentation to the selection panel on a research interest at a date to be coordinated between mid-February to early March. Presentations will be widely advertised to the university community and attendance will be open to any interested students, family, friends, staff and faculty.


Janice Nagtegaal, Acting Assistant to the Dean
Faculty of Science, Office of the Dean

Sustainable UFV – 2017 In Review | 2018 On the Horizon

[box]2017 In Review[/box]

2017 was a remarkably productive year for us. We were able to launch several new initiatives, and spur progress in continuing programs as well:

  • Earth Day EarthPLAY: a fun outdoor event to get people re-connected to their natural environment
  • Bike to Work Week: getting people on two wheels to reduce greenhouse gases and get active
  • Sustainable Waste Stations: after months of planning, we launched our new Sustainable Waste Stations across our campuses!
  • Residence energy efficiency: providing tips and guidelines to help increase energy efficiency in Baker House
  • Mural painting: collaborating with Arts students to help beautify our campuses
  • Waste Audit: our biggest waste audit yet! Tackling 4 streams of waste from 2 buildings on the Abbotsford campus
  • Get your Fleece On 2.0: tackling the energy-hungry space heater with sustainable alternatives
  • Sweater Week: turning down the heat and turning up the style to reduce greenhouse gas emissions

[box]2018 On the Horizon[/box]

Building on the momentum we’ve developed over the last few years, we are developing more concise and well-planned initiatives built to spur actual change:

  • Documentary Screening and Social Event: engaging UFV on sustainability
  • Increasing our Waste Station Compliance: getting compostables and organics out of the landfill
  • Implementing Organics Bins in our Washrooms: putting paper towel in its rightful place
  • Sustainable Transportation: how to make getting to UFV greener
  • Sustaining a Bee Population: they and other pollinators are responsible for a third of our food, after all!
  • New Sustainability Coordinator: bringing the next generation of sustainability to UFV
  • Battery Recycling
  • Earth Day
  • Bike to Work Week

We’re looking forward to another active year.

Sustainable UFV is hiring a new Sustainability Coordinator Assistant

Sustainable UFV will be looking for a new Sustainability Coordinator Assistant (SCA) to take over from Travis Gingerich who will be graduating in April. This flexible 12 hr/week student position is an excellent way to get involved in the field of sustainability on an organizational level, which helps to spur long-term and lasting change.

In this position, the SCA works alongside the Chair of the Center for Sustainability and our Energy Manager to create and direct initiatives including:

  • Waste Management
  • Energy Savings
  • Greenhouse Gas Reduction

…while also coordinating events to engage students, staff, and faculty in sustainable practices.

Key initiatives have included:

  • Waste Audit
  • Sweater Week
  • Earth Day activities
  • Bike to Work Week
  • Sustainable Waste Stations

What better way to find out what the job entails than hearing from Travis himself!

It’s been a fantastic experience that has allowed me to stretch my horizons and make a lasting impact on campus. The experience I have gained in project and program management as well as communications has prepared me for a successful transition into a post-UFV career, like many past SCAs who are now in environmental sustainability related fields. Other benefits include flexible hours and a very supportive team in Facilities that really gives you the opportunity to make it happen. 10/10 would do again. ~ Travis Gingerich

If you’d like to hear more about the position, feel free to contact him at and he would be happy to answer your questions or set up a time to meet. An official job posting will be available shortly.

President’s Leadership Lecture with Dr. Kirsten Brazier JAN 31 @ 4:30 PM

Please join UFV President Jackie Hogan in welcoming Dr. Kirsten Brazier, UFV’s 2017 Honorary Doctorate Degree Recipient as part of the UFV President’s Leadership Lecture Series.

Why Success is Spelled with an “F”: How your success can help effect world peace

When: Wednesday, January 31, 2018
Time: 4:30 – 5:30 PM
Where: Evered Hall, SUB – Abbotsford Campus

[highlight]RSVP to[/highlight]

Everyone welcome!

As president and founder of the Achieve Anything Foundation, Kirsten Brazier is working to revolutionize the way companies and government agencies look at addressing gender diversity in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) and related field. Read more on Dr. Kirsten Brazier