Climate Change … The Song

The much anticipated UFV Climate Change music-video was released on April 22 to kick off  Earth Day. The video, directed by our own Dr. Carin Bondar, UFV Biology Adjunct Professor and Faculty of Science Communicator, wanted to raise awareness about our day to day habits around carbon consumption.

Welcome to a true labor of love – it’s been nearly a year since I got the idea for this video. I sure hope you enjoy it! ~ Carin

The production involved many of our talented UFV students Abdul Aziz-Abdul Ghafoor, Sasha Tuttle, Nafeel Arshad, Jide Arojojoye, Emily Reid, Kaitlin James and Megan Simpson. Faculty members appearing the video are Cherie Enns, Stefania Pizzirani, Michelle Rhodes, Olav Lian, J Hughes, Afia Raja, Ian Affleck, Kseniya Garaschuk, Vanessa Radzimski, Alan Reid, Tim Cooper, Linus Chiang, Pedro Montoya-Pelaez and of course, Deans Lucy Lee and Jacqueline Nolte along with UFV President Joanne MacLean just to name a few.

We are so pleased to present this smashup of pop-culture, science and SOLUTIONS during such an uncertain time. Take a moment to watch our message about all the ways you can decrease your carbon footprint.

Lyrics sung by UFV Arts Student Cambree Lovesy
Song Mixed by Darren Blakeborough
Written and Produced by Carin Bondar
Edited by Chris Fassbender

A Parody of: Time to Change (The Brady Bunch) by Billy Meshel and Raymond Bloodworth