New Course for Summer 2020! BIO 420 II – Methods in Science Communication

Introducing BIO420: Methods in Science Communication.

This brand-new 3 credit course students will gain a significant understanding of the methodologies for effectively communicating science on various media platforms. In today’s world of pseudoscience and misinformation online, a great need exists for bona fide scientists to ramp up their skills of charismatic storytelling. This course will cover the basics of several media channels and the best ways to translate scientific information into appropriate, effective information delivery for each.

There will be two assignments (each 20%) and a final communications project (40%). Active participation in discussions and guest lectures each week will comprise 20%.

Course lectures are Thursdays 10-1pm, from May 7 to August 6.

Prerequisites:  Any three BIO courses numbered 200 or above, or instructor’s permission.

There will be two graded assignments during the semester (each worth 20%), a final communications project (40%) and meaningful discussion participation (20%).

Online course lectures: Thursdays 10-1pm, from May 4 to August 1


CRN: 50571