2019 Faculty of Science Awards of Excellence Recipients

As we prepare for our 2020 AAA Awards we look back at last year’s outstanding recipients.

Awesome Achievement Award: Claire Hay, SLUEC

Claire’s unique teaching style and her portfolio courses for the Arts students is no doubt one of the reasons that her teaching evaluations have been outstanding! She has hosted several presentations and workshops especially related to Teaching and Learning and is professionally active. She is the current president of the Western Division of the Canadian Association of Geographers. She served as Department Head of Geography where her guidance and leadership paved the way for the formation of the School of Land Use and Environmental Change (SLUEC). She has also been active in many committees including teaching and other university wide teams. Claire is currently working full-time with Teaching and Learning and has been crucial for assisting others in the transition to online teaching.

Terrific Teaching Award: Dr. Nathan Bialas, Biology

What can we say, students love him! Nathan has supervised a number of students through directed research activities. Many of his students commented positively on his ability as a teacher, and colleagues provide excellent feedback on his teaching and pedagogical research.



Remarkable Research Award: Dr. Cherie Enns, SLUEC

Cherie has been active in research and scholarship and has been instrumental with the Queen Elizabeth Scholars program coordinating student placements in Africa. She has also contributed to many reports and conferences and also managed to defend her PhD while having a heavy teaching and service workload.

Outstanding Outreach Award: Dr. Greg Schlitt, Math & Stats

Greg filled in as Acting Dean of Science during the 2017/2018 year when Lucy was on her admin/sabbatical leave and needs to be recognized for his enormous amount of work! Following his term as Acting Dean, he served as the Acting Director of Research for 4 months and then switching hats to become the Acting Director for the School of Land Use and Environmental Change where he successfully launched SLUEC. Greg did an incredible amount of outreach activities at many levels while wearing all of his many hats.

Superb Service Award: Dr. Stan Manu, Math & Stats

Stan has been advancing our indigenization efforts and has been crucial interacting with aboriginals locally and at remote locales such as Bella Coola. He also has been instrumental in establishing the Math Education “Sq’ep” and participates in the organization of many science events.



Superb Service Award – Staff Member: Aileen Ablog, Chemistry

Aileen has been amazing and super efficient serving Chemistry and the Faculty of Science at large. Students have praised her friendliness and assistance in the chemistry labs as well as in research. She also has published a recipe book on ketogenic diets and another will be coming up shortly.