The When of English–Every Day English

For the past few months we’ve been asking a big question on the blog: “Where Can English Take You?” By this point you know the answer—EVERYWHERE!

Now we’re wondering about the other “Big Five Ws” of English too, especially “When?”

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Inspired by one of the coolest literary blogs we know, we’ve concluded that the answer is EVERY DAY! We love the Book-a-Day Almanac by Anita Silvey, one of children’s literature’s most famous editors. In her blog she connects commemorative days with children’s books. Silvey does an amazing job of showing how books relate to everything, all the time.

We love the idea, so throughout 2017 the UFV English department will explore how red-letter days—like International Day of Happiness and World Mental Health Day—connect with both the literary and real worlds.

You’ll find out which books inspired your favorite professors, and which books they recommend for exploring oodles of issues and causes.

This series offers opportunities to include diverse voices: we invite submissions from students and staff—see the editorial schedule (below). Our focus commemorative days have exceptional potential to connect with literature, but if you don’t see the “day” you want to write about, then let us know. We’re open to adding others.

We need write-ups of 150 to 750 words that connect with your “day” in some compelling way. Here are some options for how you might go about it:

  • List your favourite books/plays/poems related to the topic
  • Discuss how a work of literature responds to and/or affects the topic
  • Describe how a book inspired and/or informed somebody in relation to the topic

But it’s really up to you how to approach the task . . .

Contact the Write of Passage blog editor to contribute:

2017 Every Day English Editorial Schedule

Day/Week Month Actual Date Submission Deadline
INTRO January 2 December 30
World Braille Day; International January 4 January 2
National Non-Smoking Week; National (Can) January 3rd week January 16
International Day of Commemoration in Memory of the Victims of the Holocaust January


27 January 24
Family Literacy Day; National (Can) January 27 January 24
Black History Month; National (Can) February All month February 1
World Day of Social Justice February 20 February 17
Freedom to Read Week; National (Can) February


4th week February 19
World Wildlife Day March 3 March 1
International Women’s Day March 8 March 5
International Day of Happiness March


20 March 17
World Poetry Day March 21 March 17
Daffodil Month; National; Canadian Cancer Society April All month April 1
International Mother Earth Day April 22 April 19
World Book and Copyright Day April


23 April 20
Arts and Culture Week; British Columbia; British Columbia Arts Council April 4th week April 23
Asian Heritage Month; National (Can) May


All month May 1
Be Kind to Animals Week; Int & Nat


May 1st week May 1
Canadian Environment Week June


1st week June 1
Canada Day July


1 July 1
International Day of the World’s Indigenous People August


9 August 5
International Literacy Day September 8 September 5
International Day of Peace September 21 September 17
National Forest Week (Can) September


4th week September 24
World Teachers’ Day October 5 October 1
World Mental Health Day October


10 October 7
Canadian Hockey Week November 2nd week November 5
International PEN Day of the Imprisoned Writer November 15 November 12
Bullying Awareness Week; National (Can) November


3rd week November 12
Universal Children’s Day November 20 November 18
Human Rights Day December 10 December 7



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