A Bumper Crop: Celebrating Our Honours Students’ Research

  What do road signs, slaves, and magical talismans share in common? They’re all topics that English Honours students researched and wrote about this year. We can hardly recall a more eclectically excellent batch of Honours projects. Huzzah to curious minds! Photo Credit: Jorge Brazil Flickr via Compfight cc To celebrate this bountiful harvest of […]

Every Day English–World Book Day

  By Alex Wetmore April 23rd is World Book Day (or World Book and Copyright Day) as recognized by the United Nations, a date which offers an opportunity to reflect on the personal, cultural, historical, and global significance of books. To commemorate this day, and as part of our “Every Day English” series, I thought […]

Where Can English Take You? To Ancient Cities Across the World

Student guest post by Taylor Breckles Merhaba! As you might have guessed, that greeting wasn’t Polish. A surprise, I know. The reasoning behind this bold, creative choice stems from my most recent adventure outside of the classroom: my trip to Turkey. Well, my trip to Izmir to be precise. Izmir is a region of Turkey […]

Every Day English–World Poetry Day

By Andrea MacPherson I often recommend poetry collections, and often get a look of bafflement in return.  Then, a meek, “I don’t really read poetry.”  I firmly believe everyone should read poetry, regardless of whether you have any interest in actually writing poetry.  And, I equally firmly believe that people only think they don’t like […]

Every Day English–World Rare Disease Day

  Student guest post by Jessica Milliken Unless you are deep in the savanna or at the Greater Vancouver zoo, zebras are hard to come by. But I bet you see a zebra more often than you realize. In the late 1940s, Dr. Theodore Woodward told his med students, “when you hear hoofbeats, think of […]

Every Day English–Freedom to Read Week

Nadeane Trowse contributes our next Every Day English blog post to commemorate Freedom to Read Week. Photo Credit: americanobiblioteca Flickr via Compfight cc When freedom to read is only the necessary start I was ten when I read a portion of a banned book. My great aunt (who valued ‘culture’), gave a mimeographed copy of […]

Literary Arts Week Shows Aspiring UFV Writers their Future

We kicked off Literary Arts Week in style with the arrival of our WIR, Jordan Abel, the launch of the latest issue of the Pacific Rim Review of Books, and a colloquium on the current state of Canada’s publishing industry. Jordan Abel got things started. After talking about how his Nisga’a identity informs his creative […]

Every Day English–World Day of Social Justice

Michelle LaFlamme contributes our next Every Day English blog post to commemorate World Day of Social Justice. Photo Credit: JFrazier_Photo Flickr via Compfight cc I teach Canadian literature and specialize in Aboriginal drama.  This means that I am necessarily engaged with postcolonial theory and numerous social justice issues that preoccupy many contemporary writers.  One thing […]