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“Walk the talk” Promoting body, mind, emotion and spirit — Elders’ reflections on Hiring, Retention, Tenure, and Promotion

Elders stressed that best practices in indigenizing would include making language and particularly language immersion an important part of indigenization. Indigenous teaching methods – employing patience, and teaching with love, with “no slapping or yelling” — were recommended as well, rather than token efforts (“not enough to take a non-indigenous program and slap a name […]

“We must critically examine our practice”: Faculty reflections on hiring, retention, tenure, and promotion

A department that is overly concerned with questions of “ fit” (how well does the applicant fit in with the department?) should be challenged –using themes like colonialism —  to critically examine  their practice. Departments were urged to be self-reflective about how they treated the “token” aboriginal scholar in their department, as one aboriginal person […]