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Tokien and Lewis hung around with The Inklings at Oxford . . . where will the new CreWri UFV club take our writers?

Student guest post by Jessica Milliken

Hello to any and all creative writers here at UFV! crewri-advert


My name is Jessica Milliken and I am the President of UFV’s first Creative Writing Club, CreWri UFV. With my fellow executives–or Scholars–Ashlyn Tegg, Chuck Barker, Julia Dovey and Abrianna Leaming, we have founded the first student led creative writing club dedicated to creating “a positive and safe working space for UFV writers of all departments, writing in all creative writing genres to work together, collaborate, share, workshop, and present their work to other creative writers at UFV,” as our mandate reads.

I am thrilled to announce that as of Wednesday October the 19th, 2016, CreWri UFV became an officially registered club with the Student Union Society.

Our club is open to any current student of UFV, whether you are an English major or not – our focus is creative writing in any and all genres and bringing writers together through a variety of different events.


Each Scholar is planning a workshop series that will run throughout the next year, including form poetry workshops, fantasy, children’s writing, playwriting, screenwriting, publishing, editing, idea formation, writing prompts, procrastination and many other       topics. There will be a workshop for everyone. More details will be released on these         workshops as they become available.

Writer’s Block Parties

This is your chance to workshop some of your own work. Bring in a few copies of             whatever you are working on (play, poem, scene, novel, short story… etc.) to share and         workshop with other creative writers. We hope to have a Writer’s Block Party once a    month.


Readings are the opportunity to present your work to an audience. Yes, it is terrifying and            exhilarating all at the same time. Our first reading is fast approaching! We are hosting   Spooky Readings on Halloween day at 11:00am in the Great Hall in the SUB.


The event      is FREE and open to anyone to attend. If you are interested in reading, send your      submission to for the Scholars to approve. Time slots are 5 minutes and the deadline is October 29th at midnight. Check our Facebook page for more details.

(*Note, you must be a signing member of the Club–or Scribe–to read at these      events. In order to be a Scribe you must sign a pledge promising to adhere to creativity            intellect and creating a safe space. Pledges will be on hand at the event.)

My fellow Scholars and I are honoured to embark on this journey in the creation of the first creative writing club for UFV students. This club is very dear to us, and to see it start to breathe, start to live, start to gain fire, is incredible. I’d like to thank everyone who came out to the AGM, and those who wanted to be there. The support we have from students, faculty, and SUS is wonderful, so thank you.

Here’s how to reach us!



Instagram: @crewriufv

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us. Together we will write, and together we will be strong.

Willfully yours,

Madam President

Jessica Milliken

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