Faculty Publications & Projects | October 2023

Criminology and Criminal Justice

  • Criminology Associate Professor Dr. Hayli Millar wrote a report on children’s rights and the sentencing of parents. Millar, H. (2023, August). Children’s Rights and the Sentencing of Parents Facing Criminal Sanctions. International Centre for Criminal Law Reform and Criminal Justice Policy.
    • Milar and Criminology Professor Emeritus Yvon Dandurand wrote a report on the best interests of the child in sentencing. Millar, H., Dandurand, Y., Chin, V., Bayes, S., Capp, M., Fowler, R., Jahn, J., Pickering, B., & Castle, A. (2023). Considering the Best Interests of the Child in Sentencing and Other Decisions Concerning Parents Facing Criminal Sanctions: An Overview for Practitioners. International Centre for Criminal Law Reform and Criminal Justice Policy.
    • Millar presented at the European Society of Criminology and Criminal Justice Annual Meeting on human rights. O’Doherty, T., & Millar, H. (2023, September 8). Panel Presentation, Implementing the Palermo Protocol in Canada: Implications for Human Rights and Fundamental Principles of Justice. European Society of Criminology and Criminal Justice Annual Meeting, EUROCRIM 2023, Florence, Italy.
    • Millar also co-authored a submission to the House of Commons Standing Committee on Justice. Millar, H., O’Doherty, T., Roots, K., Sibley, M., & van der Meulen, E. (2023, June 15). Submission to the House of Commons Standing Committee on Justice, Bill S-224: An Act to Amend the Criminal Code (Trafficking in Persons).
  • Criminology Assistant Professor Dr. Mark Kersten presented at a conference on transitional justice for children organized by the University of Saskatchewan. Kersten, M. (2023, October 27). Atrocities Against Children in Settler Contexts: What, If Anything, Does Transitional Justice Tell Us?
  • Criminology Assistant Professor Dr. Carlos Ponce was interviewed by Voz Pública about wrongful convictions in El Salvador.
  • Assistant Professor Dr. Mark Kersten contributed a media article on atrocities in Palestine and Israel. Kersten, M. (2023, October 12). The ICC prosecutor needs to break his silence on Israel-Palestine.
  • Criminology Professor Emeritus Yvon Dandurand gave a lecture on criminological studies and research in Canada at the Center for Criminology and Criminal Law Research at the Vietnam National University, Hanoi – University of Law.


  • Philosophy Associate Professor Dr. Glen Baier presented his paper, “I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream: Nietzsche’s Lyric, Artaud’s Double and the Self as Pain” at the Friedrich Nietzsche Society Annual Conference in Lausanne, Switzerland, September 14-16. The theme of the conference was “Nietzsche and the Lyric”.


  • Psychology Assistant Professor Dr. Kristina Gicas presented “Strategies to Optimize Cognitive Functioning” at CERA Day to celebrate the International Day of Older Persons.
  • Two psychology undergraduate students, Ekam Banipal and Ariel Dennison-Hardy presented a poster at the Western Canadian Conference on Undergraduate Research and Psychology (CURP) last month, which took place at the University of British Columbia Okanagan. The research they presented examined the link between children’s rights and their beliefs about education and was conducted under the supervision of Dr. Michelle Superle (Associate Professor, Department of English) and Dr. Madison Pesowski (Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology). They had a great time discussing the project and meeting other students and faculty.

Faculty Publications & Projects | November 2022


  • Criminology Associate Professor Dr. Jon Heidt wrote an article on cannabis legalization. Heidt, J., & Wheeldon, J. (in press). Blowing in the wind: Cannabis legalization, insiders, and methodological insights from British Columbia. The Journal of Qualitative Criminal Justice and Criminology.


  • Criminology Professor Emeritus Yvon Dandurand presented at a Canadian Bar Association workshop. Dandurand, Y. (2022, October 26). Access to Justice Pathways: Problem Resolution Routes for People Experiencing Civil and Family Law Problems in British Columbia. Canadian Bar Association workshop on “Access to Justice Research from the Edge,” an event as part of Access to Justice Week Canada.


  • Economics Department Head Dr. Michael Maschek was a guest speaker at the 10th Annual Meeting of the Fraser Valley Chartered Professional Accountants Association. He presented on “Decision Making Under Economic Uncertainty: Lessons from Research in Behavioural Economics.”


  • Philosophy Associate Professor Dr. Anastasia Anderson and Philosophy Department Head Dr. Anna Cook presented at the 2022 BCSSTA (BC Social Studies Teachers’ Association) Conference: Teaching for Inquiry: Philosophy, Pedagogy and Praxis in October 2021. Dr. Anderson presented a workshop session on “Facilitating Philosophical Dialogue in the Classroom.” She also presented alongside Dr. Cook at the conference’s closing plenary.