SASI Partners with the Association of Critical Heritage Studies on Panel

The SASI partnered with the Association of Critical Heritage Studies – Canada, the University of Alberta Kule Institute for Advanced Studies and Northumbria University to present a symposium entitled “Constructing Heritage in Canada’s South Asian Diasporas.” The June 16th symposium, which was attended by almost 50 people, featured panelists: Dr Satwinder Kaur Bains, University of … Read more

The Reckoning of Caste in the Diaspora

My father’s blood is mine, his story beats inside me……Jayli Wolf’s song – Child of the Government My grandfather was taken away and put in residential schools when he was a kid. He was taught to forget his native language, his heritage, his culture and even his own name. He refused to speak about … Read more

SASI Receives Heritage BC Award in Collaboration with UBC Sociology

The SASI, in collaboration with UBC Sociology and Professor Renisa Mawani, the BC Historical Federation and the BC History Magazine were recipients of the 2021 Heritage BC Award for Education, Communications and Awareness. The project paired 11 third-year UBC students with heritage organizations and historical research projects to assist community partners that had been impacted … Read more

Yogendra Yadav: The Ongoing Farmers Movement : Looking Back, Looking Ahead

The SASI was pleased to host renown political activist and intellectual Yogendra Yadav who spoke about India’s farmers movement. As the ongoing farmers struggle in India completes six months, it has attracted global attention. The Indian diaspora has taken special interest and played a key role in this movement. Focusing on extraordinary milestones and the … Read more

South Asian Canadian Legacy Project Updates

The SASI continues the work of the South Asian Canadian Legacy Project with the support of a range of dedicated community members as part of the Project Management Team and the Advisory Committees. Below are some important updates and milestones as we reach the one year mark since the Province funding announcement towards the work … Read more

Faculty Service Excellence 2021: Satwinder Bains’ impact is mighty at UFV and beyond

(As seen in UFV Today) A visionary leader with an unshakable commitment to equality and cultural justice, Dr. Satwinder Bains is the 2021 recipient of UFV’s Faculty Service Excellence Award.“As a woman of colour, not only is she smashing glass ceilings of patriarchy within academia, but also in conservative cultural spaces,” says Anita Lal, co-founder … Read more

SASI Joins National Forum on Anti-Asian Racism

Dr. Bains, SASI Director is a part of the Academic Advisory Committee joining scholars, activists and professionals from across Canada to create a national strategy combatting hate. She will also speak on coalition building across Asian Canadian Communities. The conversation comes in light of the exponential rise in anti-Asian violence, hate and crime in British … Read more