My Relationship with Caste is Complex

Please note – this story was originally featured as part of the Museum of Surrey’s “Being Punjabi” exhibit. My relationship with caste is complex. Anita Lal Pride. I come from a pioneer family. Our Baapuji, Maiya Ram Mahmi (Maternal Great-Grandfather) was one of the first Chamaar’s (“untouchable”) to come to Canada in 1906. My family’s … Read more

Caste and South Asian Canadian Youth – The Real Lived Experience

The SASI is pleased to present a ‘Caste Matters’ blog from guest writer Deepi Dolla. Deepi is a former SASI research assistant and UFV alumni. She graduated with her Master of Arts in Sociology from the University of Saskatchewan with her dissertation titled: “CASTE AND VIEWS TOWARD MARRIAGE AMONG TWO SIKH GENERATIONS IN GREATER VANCOUVER, CANADA.” This blog, as part of the SASI’s commitment to anti-caste work, is available on our website:

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The Hemisphere of Caste

The hemisphere of caste is a multi-layered, multi-fold inter-woven tapestry which we tuck away in a filthy suitcase trying not to open in public domains as it feels like a tumor under the skin. We project the conversation of caste as a tough topic to discuss which often ends up leading into heated discussions and … Read more

The Reckoning of Caste in the Diaspora

My father’s blood is mine, his story beats inside me……Jayli Wolf’s song – Child of the Government My grandfather was taken away and put in residential schools when he was a kid. He was taught to forget his native language, his heritage, his culture and even his own name. He refused to speak about … Read more