$$ for university: Where to find it and how to budget it

Guest blogger: Jasmeet Sandhu Scholarships, grants, bursaries, and loans are available in all different shapes, prices and size. However, it is vital for students to understand how to seek financial aid. On average, according to Statistics Canada, Canadian citizens studying in Canada are expected to pay CAD $6,000 yearly. On top of that, $600-800 is […]

Celebrating new faculty: Welcome to CMNS Dr. Rita Atake

The Communications Department is pleased to welcome Dr. Rita Atake to our list of faculty members. Rita comes to the department with both strong academic and administrative experience. Dr. Atake holds a PhD in Education concentrating in Adult Learning from the University of Calgary (2016), a Master’s in Communications Studies from the University of Leeds […]

Diversity, Inclusion and Communications at UFV

In the past weeks, post-secondary institutions, academic associations and other have been having discussions about political actions south of the border that threaten the free flow of ideas and block social justice initiatives related to immigrants and refugees whose countries of origin are places where Islam is the majority religion. Many of these organizations, including […]

Teaching exchange at UFV India

One of the University of the Fraser Valley’s most under-advertised achievements is its thriving campus in Chandigarh, India. Now operating for over a decade, UFV delivers its Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), Bachelor of Computer Information Systems (BCIS), and, starting in September, Bachelor of Arts (BA) programs, to students from all over India. UFV India […]

25 Reasons Why Our Students Tweet

As many people do, I have a love hate relationship with Twitter (and other social media platforms – no lie). I resisted Twitter for the longest of all the major social sites. I thought it was infantile, a waste of time, just one more thing that I didn’t have time for, and a few other […]

“Celebrate our successes”: Samantha Pattridge wins UFV’s first Inspirational Leadership Award

Perhaps the most commonly repeated mantra of the Communications department at UFV is that we need to “celebrate our successes,” but that’s a relatively new refrain. In the past, our department would often reach milestones or make significant accomplishments in relative quiet, representing missed opportunities to show how we were using new and innovative teaching […]

Evolution of the news: Do you rely on social media?

Guest blog by Damian van Woerden Social Media is becoming the new delivery service for news. People no longer want to wait for news, pay for news, or be told what news is important for them. Jeff Sonderman, a professor of digital journalism at Georgetown University, states that journalism on social media today is nearly […]

#InstaAds: The Growing Form of Sponsored Advertisements

Guest post by Remington Fioraso Advertisements are seen everywhere within the context of our daily lives. Whether it be on clothing, buses, billboards, television, print media, radio, or online media, it seems that we are unable to escape being marketed to. When looking into the realm of social media, advertising is very prominent. When previewing […]

#1Rule Do Not Delete

Top 6 Ways to Respond to Negative Feedback on Social Media

Guest post by Megan Bukta Every business owner wants their business to be successful, and may forget to plan for negative feedback from their customers. Businesses will receive feedback whether they like it or not, but being prepared to respond is the key to great customer service practices. When a customer is frustrated with a […]