What do you really know about Canadian culture?

The students in Communications 180, Introduction to Intercultural Communication, found out a bit of the answer to that question during the Fall 2014 term at the University of the Fraser Valley. At first it seems strange, but in order to really understand the impact of culture on communication every individual needs to start with learning […]

Teamwork on trial: Search for the perfect app

Endless meetings are just not cutting it for me these days. I need to be able to do continuous work with the various committees, task groups and projects that are on my plate at any given moment. Waiting to see everyone face-to-face just doesn’t seem very efficient in this digital age. Once again I decided […]

What it takes to be a freelance writer: Promotion tips with Heidi Turner

At a recent meeting of the Professional Writers Association of Canada (PWAC Fraser Valley chapter) local freelance writer, Heidi Turner shared her top tips on business promotion for professional writers. Here are her top ten: Create an optimised website. Heidi recommends including all search terms that you think your clients will use in the Search […]

Communicating Professionally: Asma Farooq

1. When did you graduate, and what did you study at UFV? I graduated in December 2013 with a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology/Anthropology and a minor in Communications. Along the way I also completed a Liberal Arts Diploma and certificates in Business Administration and Professional Communications Essentials. 2. What is your current role, and […]

Talia Wiebe – Recipient of the Communications Undergraduate Research Excellence Award for 2014

Each year the Communications Department chooses one student to receive the Undergraduate Research Excellence Award, sponsored by the UFV Research Office. For the 2013/14 academic year the award went to Talia Wiebe for her Directed Studies project on social media as a vehicle for promoting independent artists and musicians. Talia looked at existing technologies available to independent musicians including […]

Bump up your retweets: Add some audio/visual

Guest blog by: Jordain Perreault Joyce You wouldn’t be able to build a box without a bucket of nails and a hammer. Even with that, it would be a pretty boring box and probably look the same as everyone else’. Now, if you had a drill, saw, lathe and a woodworking shop you would be […]

Attract and keep your social media audience: Tell your story

Guest Blog by: Beth Scholes Corporate storytelling is an important part of a social media strategy. Storytelling conveys the culture of the company, captures the heart of the organization, and highlights products just to name a few benefits of this tried and true classic method. In her Blog How to Use Digital Storytelling as your […]

Blog and Tweet says Penny Park to Canadian Scientists

Last week, the University of the Fraser Valley brought one of their honourary doctorate recipients, Dr Penny Park from the Science Media Centre of Canada, back to campus to speak about the urgent need to communicate science in Canada. Penny called for scientists to “step up”and correct misinformation when they saw it. She spoke about […]

No more media: Is it all just one medium?

Guest Blog by Lindsay Lindholm: Media convergence theory has been created by the advancement in technology, computer networking, and the shift to from analog to digital telecommunications. Media convergence is the amalgamation of communications, technology, and digital data. Media formats consolidated into one large corporation Traditionally we would receive media from one source such as […]