Educational Conundrum of the Week – Capture that Lecture

  Capture that lecture Lecture capture has been getting more popular and inquiries about it at Educational Technology Services (ETS) have been steadily growing. We can all see the benefits capturing a lecture for students to review. Also, note taking may be reduced allowing students to better connect with the content at hand.  But, when … Read more

Blackboard Features that Make Your Students and Your Academic Life Easier

We all use apps that organize and enhance our lives in a variety of ways. There are many features in Blackboard that can organize and enhance the delivery of your courses. Here are three Blackboard features that when used, can organize and enhance the academic experience of your students. One: Calendar Blackboard has a real-time … Read more

(Profile) Pictures worth a 1000 Words, or Just One

  We’ve all heard the expressions “It’s nice to put a face to the name”.  Or, I prefer to “meet face to face”.  Both of these have pleasant nuances, and few can argue that both build better relationships.  Why then do so many students lack a picture profile?  I have seen more blank mugs than … Read more

Faculty Focus

Five Ways to Teach Students to Be Learning Centered, Too by Higher Ed Teaching Strategies from Magna Publications

Critical Thinking in 500 Word or Less

by Anastasia Anderson and Moira Kloster What does critical thinking look like when it’s taught in philosophy?  At UFV, that’s Philosophy 100, Reasoning, a course designed by Paul Herman in the 1980s and popular ever since.  Naturally, students reason in all of their courses and in various aspects of their lives. The great benefit of … Read more

Critical Thinking in Communications

By Samantha Pattridge, Department Head, Communications The Conference Board of Canada’s recent report “Skills for Success: Developing Skills for a Prosperous BC” asserts that 73 per cent of the BC employers who responded to their survey identified weaknesses in critical thinking and problem solving in recent graduates and job candidates. It can be difficult in … Read more