Technology’s Supporting Role in Engaging Students in Higher Education

Fundamentally, technology is here to connect ideas to people, people to ideas and help turn ideas into reality.  Students have ideas and when given the freedom to choose their own medium, their engagement increases leading to better outcomes. In today’s classroom, educators are now more likely to be required to act as guides and facilitators giving […]

Educational Conundrum of the Week – Transferable Technologies.

A 47 year-old student came in to ETS. He is being re-skilled through WorkSafeBC and is new to UFV.  He just learned how to use email in his ENGL 090 class. He said he couldn’t believe he lived without it.  What transferable technologies might students take away from your courses?

Educational Conundrum of the Week – Going Mobile

Instructors have mentioned more of their students are accessing their courses on mobile devices but the instructors are unsure if their courses are mobile friendly. Name one aspect of a mobile friendly course in Blackboard, or one aspect that isn’t mobile friendly.

Educational Conundrum of the Week – New Technology in the Classroom

Instructors have mentioned that using older technologies, such as overheads, still prove effective in the classroom and the complexity of newer technologies, like smartboards, can interfere with he learning process.  How do you incorporate newer technologies when teaching?  Join the conversation.

Educational Conundrum of the Week – May 1, 2017

Instructors have been asked by students, “Why do you use so many YouTube and third party videos in your course, can’t you do your own?”  This may imply that an instructor’s expertise on the subject is being challenged.  How would you respond to the student?  What’s your approach to using third party videos in your […]

(Profile) Pictures worth a 1000 Words, or Just One

  We’ve all heard the expressions “It’s nice to put a face to the name”.  Or, I prefer to “meet face to face”.  Both of these have pleasant nuances, and few can argue that both build better relationships.  Why then do so many students lack a picture profile?  I have seen more blank mugs than […]