Visual Appeal

Padlet is a great tool for any course Tired of discussion forums? Looking for asynchronous interactions that are more visual and interactive?    Maybe it is time for you to consider introducing Padlet into your courses. Discussion forums are presented to students in a linear fashion – requiring students to click on each thread to … Read more

did you know?

                       Blackboard Ally is making course content accessible. Blackboard Ally is a new exciting feature that provides alternative accessibility formats for both students and instructors. In addition to providing you with insight to your content accessibility, Ally automatically creates alternative versions of your files. This … Read more

Three Simple Questions

So it’s the middle of the semester.  It’s that time when mid-terms are happening and the first major assignments are being submitted.  But as the instructor you’re not quite sure how things are going for your students.  You’ve noticed that participation in synchronous sessions has dropped off and the interaction in asynchronous activities has become … Read more

AskTLC…Thank You!

This summer consisted of a lot of new challenges for me (and most people I presume); living through a pandemic has not been easy, despite my own intersecting privileges, such as having a roof over my head and job security, to name a couple. One challenge, what I would later see as an opportunity, was … Read more

Introducing Blackboard Ally

Tech Highlight Introducing Blackboard Ally UFV has brought on Blackboard Ally in order to help instructors create accessible content for students to access. What does Ally do? Blackboard Ally works seamlessly with Blackboard Learn to gauge the accessibility of your course content. Ally provides guidance and tips for lasting improvements to your content accessibility.In addition … Read more

Outstanding Support from the Teaching and Learning Team!

Not unexpectedly, September was a very busy and important time to work with faculty and their online courses. Teaching and Learning staff and faculty answered a whopping 938 emails, facilitated 56 workshops, completed 30 course reviews through the Check Under the Hood program, and conducted 235 one-on-one consultations with faculty. It is a testament to the … Read more

Our Students Say Thank You to TLC

UFV Learning Designers (from left to right) Soowook Kim, Ken Harmel and Dugg Steary My name is Paige Riddell and I am a fourth-year Bachelor of Arts student at UFV. I am also a peer tutor at UFV’s Academic Success Centre! I wanted to thank you and the Teaching and Learning Centre team for really … Read more

To Tech or not too Tech?

An ADED instructor, Douglas Mauger, sent an in-depth and thought provoking article to our department on how students are distracted by the use of tech in the classroom vs. how instructors see it being used. The article, A Mixed Blessing? Students’ and Instructors’ Perspectives about Off-Task Technology Use in the Academic Classroom states that “There … Read more

Goodbye to Kaltura Capture Space on June 30

Kaltura’s screen capture and webcam recording software, Kaltura CaptureSpace, will be upgraded to Kaltura Capture on the morning of June 30. Kaltura Capture will be available on the afternoon of June 30 or perhaps earlier depending on the migration. It allows both instructors and students to create various videos for mini lectures, voice over PowerPoint, … Read more