University of Calgary’s Universal Design for Learning in Disciplinary Contexts in Higher Education

The University of Calgary has recently developed a Universal Design for Learning (UDL) Guide that focuses on aspects of inclusion from a disciplinary perspective. Are you teaching biology, psychology, in a design studio or in community? This guide provides strategies for incorporating UDL into your courses and more. It also discusses how accommodating a student … Read more

Visual Syllabus: An Introduction

The course outline or syllabus is an instructors first opportunity to engage students in the course even before classes commence. Evidence both anecdotal and research based suggests that supplementing the lengthy contractual syllabus that often never gets read, with a visually engaging syllabus could boost student interest and motivation in the course as well as … Read more

Towards Trauma Informed Practice

Written by TLC Learning Designer, Dulmini Wathugala Towards a Trauma-Informed Practice. That “Return to campus” date is looming in for students, and everyone is excited to be back! Or are they? Let’s not forget the fact that the past year etched varied experiences on our university community. A pandemic that may have robbed dearest things … Read more

New Faculty Kickstart – Fall 2021

TLC New Faculty Kickstart is for new UFV faculty (Type B, Sessional or Tenure Track), by invitation only. New Faculty Kickstart (NFKS) is a professional development opportunity for new faculty (both permanent and sessional) to get them oriented to teaching and learning here at UFV.  NFKS is an asynchronous course in Blackboard that covers topics … Read more

Seven Grandfather Teachings

Written by Lorna Andrews, Teaching and Learning Specialist, Indigenization I have been a part of the Indigenous Curriculum Specialist Network (ICSN) that has Indigenous representatives from universities across Canada since November 2020. I was invited to join this network to connect with others across the country doing similar work to mine. We have common challenges … Read more

“Ditch the Final Exam” – how and why?: A collaboration between UFV’s Teaching and Learning Centre and BC Campus

        Written by Claire Hay, UFV Teaching and Learning Specialist As we all know, the 2020-21 academic year has been different; highlighted by an unexpected pivot to emergency online teaching in March 2020 and then a move to online course delivery (in most instances) for the entire academic year that followed.  With … Read more

How are you, really?

It has been 13 months since we had to ‘pivot’ and make drastic changes to the way to teach and learn, and now another semester is ending.  It has also been three months since I have asked you how you were. So, I ask you again: How are you, really? As we transition towards summer … Read more

Accessibility Awareness Three-Day Online Event (June 1-3, 2021)

To promote and raise awareness for the National Accessibility Week, May 31 – June 4, 2021, the Teaching and Learning Centre (TLC) and the Centre for Accessibility Services (CAS) are hosting a three-Day Online event featuring keynote presenters, workshops, a student panel, and other relevant sessions to showcase and learn about accessibility. Save the Dates … Read more

Innovation Spark!

UFV Academic Success Centre team featured in a zoom session during the PAWS event. Sandra Smith is top row, center. There’s nothing like a pandemic to spark innovation, and Sandra Smith, the Academic Success Centre’s Coordinator, was recently lauded for exactly that. She and two colleagues from Simon Fraser University, Ruth Silverman and Julia Lane, … Read more