Another Way to Make the Magic Happen: Contact the Teaching and Learning Centre

  We’ve all seen this simple graphic, or something similar too it, but it speaks volumes about our teaching practices. Sometimes we are thrown out of our comfort zone unintentionally and find amazing outcomes. For example, a few times while teaching many classes, I brought the wrong material to a class which quickly threw me out of my comfort zone. … Read more

Educational Conundrum of the Week – Impact many students by catering to few with UDL

Students’ learning needs and preferences are being recognized as being more diverse, which is why the demand for UDL (Universal Design for Learning) is becoming a greater focus in curriculum design. We’ve seen many exciting UDL activities in Blackboard course shells. Blackboard offers a wide variety of UDL tools that can address the variety of … Read more

Facilitator Development Workshop (FDW) – August 20-24, 2018 – CANCELLED

The Facilitator Development Workshop is designed primarily for individuals who will be conducting the ISW at an institution. It is recommended that individuals participate in an ISW prior to applying for the FDW.  The FDW provides individuals with an opportunity for professional development in a challenging and supportive atmosphere and provides connections to a larger … Read more

BC Campus – Symposium 2018 Call for Proposals

Symposium 2018 Call for Proposals Symposium 2018 call for proposals is now open! We welcome proposals from a variety of post-secondary institutions across B.C. Approximately 20 proposals will be accepted for Strand A & B, and 10-15 proposals for Strand C. All proposals will be assessed by the BCTLC program committee, according to a scoring rubric. To assist you, … Read more