We have a new look. Check us out!

Written by Claire Hay, Teaching and Learning Specialist

The Teaching and Learning Centre website at https://www.ufv.ca/teaching-and-learning/ has undergone a makeover to better serve faculty using our site.  On the new website you will find a self-serve portal to find and book workshops or book one-on-one consultations with our learning designers and specialists.  Faculty can easily browse our workshop offerings and then manage their bookings without needing to contact our staff for assistance.  We hope this will make things more convenient for faculty looking for support and training opportunities.   In addition, resources for faculty have been centered on our website for ease of access.  Faculty can now browse popular topics directly from the homepage and find resources to support their teaching.  You can still request a course tune-up with our Check Under the Hood program and request a Tech Buddy.  We hope our new website will simplify the ways faculty can find timely and relevant information and get the support needed leading to transformational teaching.

For more information on our redesign or to provide feedback, please contact Claire Hay at claire.hay@ufv.ca, or tlcevents@ufv.ca