SLUEC Class field trips back on course

On February 18, Dr. Olav Lian and Carolyn Atkins from the School of Land Use and Environmental Change took their GEOG 402 (Quaternary Geology & Geomorphology) class headed out on a 3-day field trip to southern Vancouver Island. Students spent time listening to presentations by local geoscientists and visiting key exposures in the field where … Read more

Exploring the landforms with SLUEC faculty, Olav Lian and Carolyn Atkins

The Geography 202 Class recently returned from their two-day field trip with Dr. Olav Lian and Carolyn Atkins. They were finally able to see the landscape they’ve been learning all about for real! It was evident that Olav and Carolyn were finally back in their element! The trip started off in a rainstorm but once … Read more

SLUEC students, Donovan Toews and Michelle Lefebvre, featured in UFV Today

UFV SLUEC students, Donovan Toews and Michelle Lefebvre, were featured in a recent UFV Today article. —————–> Planting Seeds – UFV students help shape curriculum for a school with environmental focus Donovan Toews and Michelle Lefebvre are a part of something big. Ecosystem big. The UFV student duo stand in a forest beside a school … Read more

UFV CityStudio projects knock it out of the park again!

A total of 18 projects from the Summer and Fall Semesters at UFV from Dr. Sharon Gillies‘ BIO 310 and BIO 410 classes and from Dr. Afia Zubair Raja‘s GEOG 360 class presented their research at the City of Abbotsford’s CityStudio Hubbub event on Tuesday, December 3rd. CityStudio is an innovation hub where UFV students … Read more

When We Love Our Food So Much That It Goes Extinct – Dr. Lenore Newman

Dr. Lenore Newman, Director of the Food and Agriculture Institute and Associate Professor in the Department of Geography at UFV was recently interviewed by the National Public Radio (NPR) in the USA in advance of the publication of her next book, “Lost Feast: Culinary Extinction and the Future of Food”. Her book is due out … Read more

Dr. Lenore Newman appointed to provincial task force ~ UFV Today

Dr. Lenore Newman, Canada Research Chair in Food Security and the Environment and Director of the Food and Agriculture Institute at UFV, has been appointed by the government of British Columbia to a newly created Food Security Task Force. This group will explore and advise on technology and innovations aimed at strengthening the agriculture sector … Read more

“Be a Geographer” Day NOV 12 @ 11 AM G-Building

In conjunction with National Geographic’s Geography Awareness Week, the Association of Geography Undergraduate Students (AGUS) presents the 3rd Annual: BE A GEOGRAPHER DAY! When: Monday, NOV 12 Time: 11 AM – 1 PM Where: Library Atrium, G-Building Get a grip on geography! Come learn the different techniques used in geography and network with students and … Read more