Exploring the landforms with SLUEC faculty, Olav Lian and Carolyn Atkins

The Geography 202 Class recently returned from their two-day field trip with Dr. Olav Lian and Carolyn Atkins. They were finally able to see the landscape they’ve been learning all about for real! It was evident that Olav and Carolyn were finally back in their element! The trip started off in a rainstorm but once … Read more

Welcome home travelers! Biology Study Tour 2018

On June 26, 2018 a group of 36 UFV students, Biology Professors Sharon Gillies, Gregory Schmaltz, Allan Arndt, Stephen Thomas and Biology Department Assistant Pauleen Nuite travelled to Eyrarbakki (Iceland), London and Paris. They spent 16 days exploring these diverse cities. Check out UFV Biology on Instagram for more photos from their adventure. Our study … Read more

Info Session: Biology Department Tofino Field School May 2017

The Department of Biology Tofino Field School 2017 Information Session will be held on: October 12th & 13th at 4:00 PM in Room A203b. Biology 421e & 421hh (8 credits) TOUR DATE: May 19 – 30, 2017 TOUR COST: $2,000 (approximate) For more information please contact: Allan Arndt Email: Allan.Arndt@ufv.ca Alan Reid Email: Alan.Reid@ufv.ca Biology … Read more

Field Trips – Physical Geography Fall 2015

The Physical Geography Department is host to some great courses that offer field trips, here are some were offered this term. (see images below) J Hughes GEOG 219/BIO 219 – Biogeography Olav Lian GEOG 202 – Introduction to Geomorphology GEOG 402 – Quaternary Geology and Geomorphology Fieldwork on Savary and Calvert Islands Steven Marsh GEOG … Read more

Field Trips – Biology Fall 2015

The Biology Department is host to some great courses that offer field trips, here are some were offered this past term. (see images below) Christine Dalton BIO 106 – Ecology from an Urban Perspective Alan Reid UBC Botanical Gardents Bloedel Conservatory Christine Dalton  – BIO 106 Biology 106 students get out in the field many … Read more