Exploring the landforms with SLUEC faculty, Olav Lian and Carolyn Atkins

The Geography 202 Class recently returned from their two-day field trip with Dr. Olav Lian and Carolyn Atkins. They were finally able to see the landscape they’ve been learning all about for real! It was evident that Olav and Carolyn were finally back in their element!

The trip started off in a rainstorm but once they passed Yale the weather brightened up and nice weather allowed the class to explore.

Glacial lake sediments

Students were able to examine the glacial lake sediments as seen to the left and rock formations created by the passing of a glacier which is known as roche moutonée as pictured above.

Below the class learned about the Drynoch landslide, a large volume slow-moving earthflow. Geological evidence indicates that it began to move approximately 3000-6000 years ago! 

Drynoch landslide earthflow

Of course, with any exploration, there are always hidden dangers to look out for … good thing the only one they saw was on the sign!

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GEOG 202: Understanding Your Earth: Landforms and Processes

This course will describe and explain the geomorphic processes that result in the origin, evolution, morphology, and distribution of landforms in British Columbia and elsewhere. Practical geographic skills will be developed in field and laboratory settings.