The Antisocial Use of Imitation Firearms Among Youth – Phase I

Imitation firearms, including airsoft guns and pellet guns, can present serious public safety concerns. Although in Canada the possession of a fake weapon or imitation firearm is not prohibited, it is considered a criminal offence when used in the commission of another Criminal Code offence. The British Columbia Taskforce on Illegal Firearms (2017) reported that … Read more

Supporting Children with Incarcerated Parents

This guide is designed to help your community take a leadership role in supporting your most at-risk children to experience more stable childhoods, meet their developmental milestones, and build the skills they need to enjoy brighter futures as active members of society. In Canada, children who experience parental incarceration are statistically more likely than any … Read more

Enhancing the Protective Environment for Children of Parents in Conflict with the Law or Incarcerated: A Framework for Action

We offer the present framework to help communities and local organizations in contact with children of parents in conflict with the law cooperate with each other and develop a coherent approach to protecting and supporting these children, especially when their parents are imprisoned. Together, they can strengthen the protective environment around these children and help … Read more

Celebrating Seniors in our Communities Through Volunteerism and Story-Telling

The aging of Canada’s population has been well documented and discussed at length in a multitude of policy sectors from the front-­‐‑line to Parliament. Front and centre in these changing demographics are the broad implications for health care, leisure, social assistance, and quality of life among other factors. It is this reality that has contributed … Read more

Towards More Caring and Restorative School Climates: The Safe School Safe Student Project Final Report

This report provides an examination of two data collection time points consisting of Spring of 2013 (Wave I) and Spring 2015 (Wave II) utilizing the Safe School Safe Student Survey. The survey assessed student experiences related to bullying at school and examined student behaviours and perceptions of the school climate following restorative action programming in schools. … Read more

In the Best Interests of the Child: Strategies for Recognizing and Supporting Canada’s At-Risk Population of Children with Incarcerated Parents

Children whose parents are incarcerated have been acknowledged internationally as a vulnerable population facing serious challenges. In 2011, the United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child convened a Day of General Discussion on Children with Incarcerated Parents during which it was stressed that the best interests of children must be considered throughout the … Read more

‘Measuring Up’: A Self Examination of Police Receptivity to the Extrajudicial Measures Referral Database

Canada is a global frontrunner in using extrajudicial measures to deal with non-serious youth offenses. As opposed to dealing with a youth offence through the formal criminal justice system, police officers can use extrajudicial measures to divert youth into alternative programs to hold them accountable and to assist them in making better choices. Specifically, when … Read more