A Response to Illicit Drug Overdoses: Naloxone Administration in Surrey and Vancouver, British Columbia

The administration of naloxone by fire first responders was initiated in Vancouver and Surrey in response to increasing opioid related overdose incidents along with the inability of first responders’ to administer an antidote treatment. The naloxone administration protocol was implemented in February 2016 and this study discusses the experiences to date in both cities. Overall, … Read more

Occupational Health and Safety at Surrey Engineering Operations: An Examination of Frequency, Severity, and Temporal Aspects

Engineering Operations is responsible for the maintenance of the City of Surrey’s municipal infrastructure, and employs a range of staff from administrators and clerks to tradespersons and labourers. These employees are essential to the efficient operation of Engineering Operations, and their exposure to risk of injury is largely based on their job roles and responsibilities. … Read more

Characteristics of Offenders Arrested on Outstanding Warrants by BC Transit Police Officers 2013

The purpose of this research note is to describe the population of individuals arrested by BC Transit Police officers on outstanding warrants. This analysis is based on the 606 arrests for outstanding warrants made by BC Transit Police officers in 2011. Of these 606 arrests, 72% were as a result of officers simply doing fare … Read more